Shopping & Duty Free at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston


Flight Pac - a minimart with sundries and some food items

NMIA Shopping & Duty Free (Departure)

Reggae Kids - kids clothing, toys, sandals, caps, souvenirs

Jus n' Tyme - clothing, craft items, sandals, bags, jewelry

Sunkissed JA - phonecases, souvenirs, kids & adult clothing, swimwear, sandals, bags, caps

Tuff Gong - Bob Marley branded clothing,CDs, souvenirs, sandals, bags.

Step Inside Jewellry - Jewellry, tams/caps, craft items,bags, sunglasses

Fantasy Confectionery - candy, snacks

2 Hampers & a Mule - Frozen patties, ground coffee, seasoning and sauces, snacks, starfish essential oils and candles, souvenirs

Brandish - clothing, souvenirs, essential oils/soap, glassware.

Books and CDs - newspaper, novels/magazines, CDs/DVD, souvenirs, travel kit, snacks.

Casa de Xaymaca - craft items, souvenirs, clothing and sandals

Travellaz - craft items, souvenirs, bags Jewellry, clothing, toys.

Last Call Tobacco Store - cigarettes

Port Of Call - alcohol, perfume

Jamjoy - light food and desserts