This is My Jamaica Experience

This is My Jamaica Experience

Jamaica Experiences recently caught up with former British High Commissioner to Jamaica The Hon. David Fitton about his favourite local foods, recommendations for on island getaways and in general, the good vibes he thinks the island has to offer.

JE:  What is your one ‘must do’ every time you host guests in Jamaica? 

There are several.  I always want to take friends to try some jerk pork in a friendly place - I like Jojo’s in New Kingston.  Then Devon house Ice cream.  And the beach – we go to Bamboo Beach just outside Ocho Rios.

JE:  What’s your favourite Jamaican food to eat that everyone should try?

Jerk pork is my favourite. I like the belly pork when it’s crispy and crunchy.  And breadfruit. And pineapple. And Mango. And conch,

JE:  Please share why everyone should visit Jamaica in 140 characters or less.

It’s a uniquely friendly place.  They’ll always get a warm welcome and a smile. I love the wicked sense of humour usually from the women more than the men.

JE:  What’s your favourite spot for an after work hours ‘chill out” moment in Jamaica?

I’d better say my terrace at home or my wife will get mad.  I like “Uncorked” at Sovereign North at the moment. 

JE:  What is your favourite ‘getaway’ you’ve discovered while stationed in Jamaica?

There are so many. For the luxury – Goldeneye, Jamaica Inn and Half Moon hotel; for the all inclusives:  Couples Sans Souci, and Secrets. But we also love a quiet villa in Port Antonio.

JE:  What is unique about Jamaica compared to your other postings?

Warmth – in every sense.  Made to feel welcome form the word go. 

JE:  Which famous Jamaican, or thing about Jamaica, do people ask you about the most?

These days it has to be the athletes and especially Usain Bolt.  But many people of my generation are big music fans so Bob Marley and many, many others.  I like the Jolly Boys!

JE:  Share one word that you think describes Jamaica!

Two words: Good vibes.