Top 5 Yoga Studios in Kingston, Jamaica

Top 5 Yoga Studios in Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston has a good choice of yoga facilities catering to all abilities and styles. Here are the top 5 yoga studios in Kingston, however there are many other locations with excellent yoga practice sessions as well as one-off classes on weekends in places like Hope Gardens.

Skyline Yoga
On a rooftop balcony surrounded by lush mountain greenery, with a view of Kingston helps set the tone even before your practice begins. Traditional yoga techniques are blended with the roots vibe of Rastafarianism for a real Jamaican yoga experience. Every Thursday evening, Kemetic/Vinyasa fusion classes are held. Skyline Yoga also offers prenatal yoga and instruction for children.
6B Skyline Drive, Jacks Hill
Tel: (876) 892-2337

Meaning health and harmony in Kiswahili, this serene rootsy yoga centre is the perfect place for self-reflection and meditation after a hectic day in the bustling city of Kingston. Classes are held daily and on Thursday evenings, you can take part in a candlelight Vinyasa yoga session.
2D Bamboo Avenue,
Tel: (876) 977-6735

TrueSelf Center of Being
This unique community space in a residential area offers affordable healing and wellness practice for all. There are also classes in meditation, reiki, drumming and energy work. Many sessions are self-led with some guidance and many are donation and exchange based. Led classes are mainly Ashtanga and Vinyasa. TrueSelf also runs sessions for toddlers and children.
14 Roselle Avenue
Tel: (876) 819-7899

Chai Studios
Chai offers large air-conditioned studios in a quiet complex on the busy Barbican circle road. Its roster of exercise classes includes the popular power yoga session, an offshoot of Ashtanga yoga, good for building stamina, strength and flexibility. Classes are offered for all levels from a restorative sessions and for beginners to learn basic yoga postures.
88 Barbican Rd, Barbican Business Centre, Unit 19
Tel: (876) 946-9595

Bikram Yoga Jamaica
This studio is named after Indian yoga guru Bikram Choudhury and is comprised of 26 postures conducted in a heated studio. Benefits are said to include improved flexibility, balance and stamina. This is the only Bikram studio in Kingston. Classes run Monday through Sunday. Be mindful that, in the tropics, hot yoga can get extremely intense.
17 Latham Avenue
Tel: (876) 622-4518