Top Ten Jamaican Sauce Souvenirs 

Top Ten Jamaican Sauce Souvenirs 

“The secret is in the sauce”. Here are ten Jamaican sauce souvenirs and dressings to take home to keep enjoying a taste of the tropics to tide you over until the next time you book your ticket back to the “Jewel of the Caribbean”. Get to a local supermarket or your hotel gift shop with this list and ask for a little help to make sure you get each one.

Walkerswood Jerk Sauce
Take the guess work out of recreating your favourite Jamaican meal by bringing home a bottle of this world famous jerkT sauce made in the hills of Jamaica. Use it on your protein of choice or in your stews and sautees.

Busha Browne’s Solomon Gundy
A smoked fish paste, this spicy dip goes well on sandwiches or with your favourite raw veggies.

Belcour Preserves Sorrel Chutney
A favourite drink at Christmas time is based on tangy sorrel, this chutney adds a special kick. For an amazing combo, try it with one of the many brands of yellow scotchbonnet sauce available in most hotel gift shops and grocery stores.

Pepper Jelly
Kelly’s Homemade Pepper Jelly is a favourite brand in Jamaica. It is paired with cream cheese and served on pita with smoked marlin and capers. Divine.

Pickapeppa Sauce
Pickapeppa sauce is another world favourite flavour coming out of Jamaica. Use this sauce to add a spicy flavour to salads, soups or stews.

Curry Sauce
Jamaican curry is spicy and flavourful packing a punch that’s unlike the usual flavours associated with curries internationally. Pick up a bottle or a pack of the powder and give your dishes a little something different.

Oxtail Sauce
Now, you’re an expert at Jamaica’s favourite with this marinade.

Guava Jam
A uniquely sweet and flavourful jam made of fresh tropical guava, perfect with cream cheese on your morning bagel or swirled into plain yogurt.

Mango Chutney
This chutney is sweeter and pairs well with seafood dishes or over lightly flavoured proteins like turkey.

Escovitch Sauce
Relive the memories of your Jamaican vacation every time you open your bottle of escovitch sauce.