What makes Jamaica Special?  

What makes Jamaica Special?   

Constance White –Fashion Expert

It strikes me that while I have traveled extensively to many countries, Jamaica stands out for its richness, culture, respect and beauty of the people inside and out. It is the people that make Jamaica so special. I have also noticed that for a small country, Jamaica has produced enormous talent and knowledge. It would be deserving of a social study to know why Jamaica has produced so many influential people in the areas of knowledge, music, social movement, sports as well as general contributions to society.


Richard Ferdinand –UWI WJC Ambassador

Jamaica is well known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking views and vibrant sunshine- the determination and defiance of the Jamaican people is easily overlooked. For me, there is a natural mystic that surrounds the people. It is what makes the island more than an unforgettable destination or cultural mecca but a place that I am proud to call home.