Why You Should Go to Pelican Bar & How You Can Get There

Why You Should Go to Pelican Bar & How You Can Get There

Situated a quarter of a mile off the southern coast of Jamaica, under a thatch roof and a deck made of assorted driftwood, Pelican Bar looks more like the home of a pirate castaway than the world famous bar it is. But pull up a wooden stump anywhere you can find space, sit back, relax and enjoy the most vibrant sunset of your life and you’ll quickly understand why visitors and journalists alike have dubbed it the coolest bar on earth. Offering the best of the simple pleasures in life: a cold beer, easy going conversation over a game of dominoes and glorious Caribbean sunshine -- a day trip to Pelican Bar is a truly unique Jamaican experience you don’t want to miss.


How to get there: While private seaplanes have landed there and luxury chartered catamarans have anchored there too, most people pay a local fisherman/boat operator to take them on a “canoe” (motorized fishing boat) from launches off Black River, Parottee and Treasure Beach. Reliable local operators offering rides to Pelican Bar and packages that take you beyond, up the Black River, with or without a beach lunch, include Dennis “Shabba” Abrahams (tel. 876 435 3779) or Joseph Brown (tel. 876 376 9944). Pack sunblock and carry snorkels if you like but don’t forget to carve your name on the bar before you go, that is if you can find space amongst the hundreds that have already done the same.