5 Really Good Reasons to Visit the Parish of Portland

5 Really Good Reasons to Visit the Parish of Portland

If you’re a nature lover, you will fall in love with Portland. This breathtakingly stunning parish is located on the north-east end of the island and is often lauded as Jamaica’s best-kept secret, primarily because of its unmatched natural beauty. It is home to the ‘Jamaican Riviera’, and features the lush Blue and John Crow Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Portland boasts some of Jamaica’s most pristine beaches, stunning waterfalls, enchanting river tours and strong cultural history. Here are 5 really good reasons not to miss out on visiting the parish Portland, Jamaica.

A rafting experience in Portland is like no other.
The raft is made of bamboo and is steered along the waters by a professional rafter. You can go rafting on the beautiful Rio Grande, the most famous river in Portland, which offers majestic views of the valleys and mountains, and out onto the famous Blue Lagoon itself, the cinematic setting for several Hollywood films.
The beaches are always Instagram ready.
If you are looking for white sandy beaches, with crystal clear blue waters and a nonchalant vibe then Portland is the ideal place for a beach day with your friends or that special someone. The most gorgeous beaches in Portland are Winnifred, San San and Frenchman’s Cove which has a rope swing made infamous by many an Instagram or Snapchat post and has appeared in numerous articles about what some say is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Waterfalls straight out of a movie. Literally.
The waterfalls in the parish of Portland are sure to take any lucky visitor’s breath away the moment they first see the cascading waters of this region. One waterfall you definitely must visit is Reach Falls. This attraction offers a little bit of comfort, relaxation and adventure with a waterfall flowing into beautiful emerald river pools. Don’t miss out on climbing up through a cave or jumping into the famous ‘Rabbit Hole’. Reach Falls has been featured in memorable scenes from Hollywood films like Tom Cruise's “Cocktails” and the remake of “Lord of the Flies”. Other notable falls to explore in Portland are Somerset Falls, Nanny Falls, McKenzie Falls, Scatter Falls and White River Falls.

A taste of the Blue Mountains.
For all the nature lovers and travellers, an off-the-beaten-path adventure in the highest mountain range in the Caribbean, the Blue Mountains, would be quite delightful. The Blue Mountains is the main source of the world-famous coffee which grows in the cool atmosphere and also offers many hiking and hostel experiences as well as the opportunity to take a sip of the gourmet brew while taking in the spectacular mountain views.

Food to spice up your life.
For the foodies who crave fresh caught, delicious seafood and other authentic Jamaican culinary experiences, a visit to Portland would be an awesome experience. Boston Bay is home to one of the most famous spots to have a genuine Jamaican streetfood experience including the must-try jerk dishes. The sizzling aroma of jerk pork, chicken, fish, lobster, fresh boiled corn, and soup is tempting enough to excite any food lover’s taste buds.
These are only five reasons to visit Portland but there are hundreds more. Homes of glamourous movie stars, marlin tournaments, eco-friendly yoga retreats, and recording studios for award-winning music albums; one thing is certain, a Portland trip will be well worth it and is waiting for you to discover all it has to offer.