• South Coast

    South Coast


South Coast

While most visitors to the island flock the resort towns of the north coast, the South Coast of Jamaica caters to those seeking to travel off the beaten track in search of the “real” Jamaica. Famed for its laid back atmosphere, friendly locals, uninterrupted starry nights and undeveloped landscapes, the south coast offers visitors a glimpse of the more casual side of Jamaica where simple pleasures like sipping a drink while enjoying the best sunsets on the island, are the order of the day.



Arrivals at Club Mobay & Club Kingston
With our VIP Arrival “Meet and Greet” Service you will be:
     -Greeted upon disembarking the plane by a dedicated representative with a personalized paddle
     -Escorted and expedited through immigration and customs
     -Accompanied to our arrival VIP Lounge that provides amenities such as unlimited complimentary Wi-fi, snacks and beverages, Private rest rooms, Newspaper and magazines all while you wait for your ground transportation

Club Mobay & Club Kingston Departure Lounges
On your departure savour your last moments while relaxing in a comfortable environment.
Once you have checked in with your airline, our departure will allow:
     -Fast-track privileges through immigration and security
     -Complimentary refreshments including fresh fruits, pastries, snacks, sandwiches, tapas, sushi, sliders and Jamaican patties

For more info & booking visit Club Mobay & Club Kingston website
Or contact our reservation team
     Phone: 1-876-618-3651-2 (Jamaica) / 1-954-837-6290 (USA/Canada)
     Skype: vipattractions.reservations


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