A Tour of Kingston

A Tour of Kingston

What better way to get to know this unique destination than by taking a tour of Kingston that will show off the unique variety of attractions that the capital city and its surrounding areas have to offer. With off the beaten path dark sand beaches and vibing to reggae rhythms in the hills above Kingston to climbing to the island’s highest point, this city holds many one-of-a-kind attractions for a memorable vacation.

Strawberry Hill
Escape to the heights above Kingston with someone special, and feel the world fall away at these cottages nestled into the lush vegetation of the mountainside with views from a wrap around verandah and glistening infinity pool, all the way to the seas below.
Tel: (876) 944-8400

Bob Marley Museum
One of the first items on the list for visitors to Kingston, the former home of reggae legend Bob Marley is a cultural journey into the life and music of the man who is one of the most recognized international icons of Jamaican culture.
Tel: (876) 923-9380

Island Routes Kingston Tour
Even if you’re staying on the north coast, getting to do some items on your Jamaica ‘must experience’ bucketlist, like the Bob Marley Museum, Devon House and the National Gallery, is easily arranged with a tour company for a fun all day excursion to the capital city.
Tel: (876) 768-8370

Hike Blue Mountain Peak
Kingston is the gateway to hiking Jamaica’s highest mountain, Blue Mountain Peak, a bucket list item for many. Take to the hills in a Landrover, all the way to a 200 yr old rustic hideaway in the heart of rural Jamaica, where you’ll spend the night before hitting the trail to try and catch the sunrise and the elusive glimpse of the coast of Cuba. Grab a cup of authentic Blue Mountain coffee on this working farm.
Tel: (876) 878-0514

Dub Club
On Sunday evenings, jam with locals and reggae music lovers from all over the world. With an authentic vibe, reggae artists are known to pass through and perform live in the spur of the moment at this spot with a spectacular view of Kingston

Get Here: Up a long, steep and windy road called Skyline Drive, bear left at the T Junction. The view will be on your left. Cars line the road and someone will direct you to the steps down to the club.
Tel: (876) 815-1184

Devon House & Devon House I-Scream
Built by Jamaica’s first black millionaire, this stately mansion in the heart of Kingston was one of three that made up Millionaires Corner. Locals and tourists alike visit the Heritage site just for a scoop of Devon House “I-Scream” at the flagship shop, in signature flavours like soursop, guava, Blue Mountain Coffee and Devon Stout.
Tel: (876) 929-6602

Bob Marley Beach
It’s said that Bob used to hang out at this local beach where clear, clean water laps the shore of the dark sandy beach while fishermen go about their daily tasks and locals enjoy the chill vibe and small bar.

Get here: Head past the Harbour View roundabout and out towards St. Thomas, access is just beyond Bull Bay Police Station.