Dine on the Waterfront at Pier 1 Montego Bay

Dine on the Waterfront at Pier 1 Montego Bay

Sea, sun and sand are just a few reasons many travellers visit Jamaica, but did you know the island’s cuisine is another way to feed your cravings for adventure? Culinary adventures that is, especially if you’re an insatiable food lover. Jamaican cuisine is definitely a reason to add this exotic island to your bucket list and experience all the food varieties that we offer. What better way to introduce yourself to our delectable cuisine than a one of a kind sunset dining experience at Pier 1 in Montego Bay.

Pier 1 is located on a beautiful peninsula in Jamaica’s second city, and boasts being the longest running and one of the most popular eateries and entertainments spots in the western end of the island. Overlooking the picturesque bay, guests are given the opportunity to dine in a serene and quaint atmosphere which adds great flair to their dining experience.

Pier 1 is truly a stand out in the Caribbean when it comes to trying a range of Jamaican food. On the menu is a wide variety of seafood dishes from lobster to a local favourite “Land Crab” done with a Jamaican spin. If seafood is not for you, not to worry, their Beef Tenderloin is another great option. There are also salads, tofu, and a variety of jerk seasoned meals from jerk chicken to jerk sausage pasta which makes their lunch and dinner menu perfectly tailored for a foodie’s taste buds. For the Jamaican pallet, they serve the best traditional Jamaican dishes like Curry Goat and Oxtail. For vegetarians, grilled jerk tofu, white beans and garlic-greens stew are the perfect choice from the menu.  

If you would love to have a dynamic dining experience on the Montego Bay waterfront, make sure to call and make your reservations beforehand as Pier One is full most of the times. Just imagine being in Jamaica with your special someone, having a lovely dinner overlooking the Caribbean Sea as the sun sets in the backdrop while you wait to be served your delectable meal. Moments like these are once in a lifetime and will certainly leave you priceless travel memories. So whenever you’re in this part of the island, a lunch or dinner date at Pier One is an absolute must.

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