Red Stripe: What Do You Stand Up For?

Red Stripe: What Do You Stand Up For?

The Great Jamaican Beer, Red Stripe, has the enviable reputation of being a household name in Jamaica and a globally recognized brand, and if its new campaign is anything to go by, Red Stripe is poised for even greater recognition around the world. True to its reputation as a pioneer, Red Stripe recently launched a global brand campaign to promote its award-winning lager and cement its position as a key global player in the beer business.

Dubbed Stand Up for Your Stripe, the campaign is a call to action to energize Red Stripe adorers. The campaign celebrates the island’s distinct beauty and unique Jamaican experiences that so many people love. “It’s all about standing up for what’s right, standing up for what you believe in, standing up for what motivates you,” said Nasha-Monique Douglas, senior brand manager of Red Stripe global, domestic and international brands. “We are this little island in the Caribbean that can make the whole world shake, and that’s because of the creativity and energy that run through our veins.”

The campaign highlights art, music, dance, and sport during its 60 second TV commercial, showcasing some of the island’s hidden gems such as Cane River Falls, Fleet Street and Wickie Wackie Beach. The locations were specifically selected to feature the pristine waters of the falls, the artistic vibrant walls of Fleet Street and unveil the surfing culture in Jamaica. All of this is tied together by the voice of up and coming Reggae artiste J-Summa who sings the ‘Stand Up For Your Stripe’ anthem ‘Keeping It Up’.


“It was very important for us to highlight special things about Jamaica, things that many people may not know. We have a strong surfing community in Jamaica and that was one thing we definitely wanted to put out there to reinforce the diversity and strength of our people. We’re a country that doesn’t have any snow but we made it to the Winter Olympics, that just proves the resilience of our people,” said Douglas.


In addition to vibrant visuals, the campaign is given added value with the launch of a seven-track EP called ‘Journey With Stripe’, which chronicles Jamaican musical genres from ska to rocksteady, and reggae to dancehall. Produced by multi-Grammy winning composer and musician Pablo Stennett, the album features fresh new talent and some well-known names in the music business. The launch of the EP coincides with Red Stripe’s centenary. Celebrating 100 years of operations in 2018, the company has marked the milestone by announcing that it will give 100 gifts to Jamaican communities through the Desnoes & Geddes (D&G) Foundation, to give back to the people that have made the company and the beer brand a household name.


Proceeds from EP album sales will go towards providing opportunities for inner-city youth to hone their skills in music under a partnership between the D&G Foundation and Stennett who established the We Are Tomorrow Foundation.


With over 300,000 Jamaicans in the diaspora scattered across North America alone, the brand is counting on the power of its music to push album sales, and encourage Jamaicans to stand up for its culture and a good cause. “Journey With Stripe is another example of authentic Jamaican expression, and we know lovers of reggae music will snatch it up,” said Douglas.

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