8 Best Beaches In Jamaica

  • 1. Seven-Mile Beach Negril’s seven-mile sweep is the cream of the crop of beaches in Jamaica. Not only is it seven miles of uninterrupted white sand backed by aquamarine water and gorgeous sunsets. But is also a haven for entertainment, with non-stop reggae, countless beach bars, restaurants and a constant stream of vendors.

  • 2. Frenchman's Cove The sheltered wander in Port Antonio, made famous by the movie Cocktail is surrounded by lush greenery with a with a freshwater stream running through it and is definitely one of the Islands most captured locations. There is an admission fee of about $10 to get in, but the beach is ecstatically quiet, with no loud music or water sports.

  • 3. Doctor's Cave Beach The stretch of sand and tranquil, rippling waters along the hip strip of Montego Bay, have won the hearts of tourists and locals alike. Doctor’s Cave Beach is easily one of Jamaica’s more attractive beaches, and its ban on music and football playing makes for a very intimate environment. Being close to some large resorts results in it being very crowded during peak seasons.

  • 4. Treasure Beach Along Jamaica’s southern shores, the off the beaten path Treasure Beach is actually a combination of 4 different fishing villages and dark sand beaches expanding for over 6 miles, unhampered by large groups of tourists. Its lack of tourist is due in part to the area being far away from airports and resort areas – over 3 hours of drive on bumpy roads. But still is worth the trouble to find such a pleasant spot exists on resort-free Jamaica.

  • 5. Boston Bay Beach With its bright blue waters, Boston Bay Beach is not just a picture-perfect coved bordered by tree-covered rocks; it is also a haven for surfers and home to some of Jamaica’s finest jerk stands, said to dish up Jamaica’s best jerk chicken and spicy sauces

  • 6. Reggae Beach You are likely to hear soothing afternoon reggae music on the soft sands of this ¼ mile stretch of Reggae Beach. The Reggae Beach is a true nest of music, as local bands and musicians flock the beach to play music and enjoy the soothing sands and crystalline waters.

  • 7. Winnifred Beach Winnifred is a golden, super local in flavour and an adventurous, off the beaten path find. A mile of golden sand lined by sea grapes and the water is amazingly turquoise and varying in shades of Caribbean blue. Jerk and craft vendors add to the flavour, as well as live reggae on various occasions, but above all, it is a peaceful atmosphere.

  • 8. Calabash Bay Beach Escape from all the tourist-trodden spots in Jamaica on these broad, black sand beaches and fishing villages on the southern coast of Jamaica’s St. Elizabeth Parish. There are only a few hotels close by, including the famous Jakes. You will also be only a half-mile from one Jamaica’s coolest spots, Pelican Bar, where you can guzzle Red Stripes, snack freshly caught seafood and even have a swim

Most of you probably already know that Jamaica’s coastline is home to some of the Caribbean’s most incredible stretches of beach, attracting hundreds of sun worshippers to the island annually. But do we actually know which ones are the best? Well here is a list of  the top 8 on the Island, from sheltered spots that few even know about to reggae-blasting funfests.