Winnifred Beach

Port Antonio Portland Jamaica

This paradise on earth is a public beach in Jamaica.  The people of Winnifred Beach take care of it without pay. It is where they come everyday to rejoice in Jah's beauty of nature, and to make their living by selling their food and wares. A day at this beach,and you are amongst the most gentle, beautiful souls. Whether it be eating at Painter and Cynthia's amazing “Lick 'em Finger” restaurant or chilling on a bamboo bench under an Almond tree  gazing at the sea. Winnifred is a unique and one of the last authentic and beautiful parts of Jamaica. This very special piece of Jamaica is being threatened by the Jamaican Government. They want to remove the local people, privatize it and allow it to be developed into an exclusive resort. This would take away the only remaining public beach in Pt. Antonio. Portland is the "real" Jamaica and has a special  feeling that is fast disappearing. Removing the people who depend on it would be devastaing. Let's not let greed, and politics get away with this.