Find Your Zen at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Find Your Zen at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

 In the hills above Montego Bay, sanctuary awaits in the truest sense of the word. Find your zen at the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary. Just as the name implies, this is a sanctuary where a variety of beautiful birds native to the Caribbean are cared for. This sanctuary was first built in 1952 and used as a training ground by Lisa Salmon, one of Jamaica's first environmentalists, for hummingbirds. Just six years after opening, a national bird of Jamaica had been trained to sit on Ms. Salmon’s finger and while perched, sip on sugar water from a small tube.

While the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is appreciated by adults, this is an excellent adventure for children. There is a special feeding station at the sanctuary that includes feeders filled with sugar water. In addition to visitors having the opportunity to feed hummingbirds, other species come to be fed to include doves, finches, woodpeckers, and even orioles.

The grounds of the bird sanctuary are stunning but more importantly, people are given the chance to see beautiful feathery creatures up close. A visit to the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is also educational, not only specific to different bird species but also their proper care. Obviously, this is a rare experience and something that will create a wonderful memory for anyone who wants to visit Jamaica.