10 Resorts In Jamaica That Offers Nude or Clothing Optional Facilities

10 Resorts In Jamaica That Offers Nude or Clothing Optional Facilities

Most Caribbean islands are very religious and conservative, and public nudity is usually frowned upon or not allowed. Most of the islands that offer clothing-optional resorts, technically speaking, those clothing optional beaches are not legal. Thank god it is the islands, and   some things are more important than upholding rules that are of no benefit to anyone. Tourism contributes heavily to the financial upkeep of these islands, and even though some may be against it, they are better off turning a blind eye to public nudity on the local beaches.

One such island is Jamaica. Jamaica has been for decades, one of the top islands in all of the Caribbean when it comes to tourism. The island is very well known for its massive all inclusive resorts and world-class wedding and honeymoon resorts. What Jamaica is also known for, is it's many resorts that offer nude or clothing optional facilities. In the entire Caribbean, no other island offers more nude facilities than Jamaica and St. Martin.

For those who love Jamaica or the Caribbean, and like to get naked while on holiday occasionally, here are ten resorts in Jamaica that offers nude or clothing optional facilities.


1. Hedonism II.
Hedonism II is perfect for open-minded couples who wishes to add a bit of spice to their trip, the all-inclusive resort is at a more quiet and private section of Negril’s Seven-Mile Beach. With an abundance of entertainment, and amazing nightlife Hedonism II allows adventurous couples to explore their wild sides and fulfill themselves.

2. Couples Tower Isle 
The legendary Couples Tower Isle is one of Jamaica's first couple’s only all-inclusive hotels. Couples Tower Isle is not only famous for exceptional weddings and a honeymoon vacation packages, but it's also known for it's Nude Private Island, just a 100 yards from shore where you can be naked all day while staying at the Resort.


3. Club Ambiance
Club Ambiance is the newest addition to the list of Clothing optional resorts on the island of Jamaica. Conveniently located in Runaway Bay Jamaica, just minutes away from Dunn's River Falls, Club Ambiance offers travellers the opportunity to experience an authentic Jamaican holiday, while having the optional of being naked, or anything in between.


4. Couples Negril
Thought Couples Negril is more of a romantic resort and not so much racy like the other clothing-optional resorts, but it does provide a separate nude side. The nude section features its own hot tub, and somewhat cut-off from the rest of the resort, protecting those who do not wish to see or participate in the being in the nude as well as the ones who wishes to be naked in privacy.

5. Grand Bahia
The Grand Bahia is a good option for the more laid-back couples and parents that are interested in having a naked sunbath on the beach, but the resort is not so much known for its nightlife. It’s a pretty tame crowd, despite the all night long karaoke, the nude beach on the western end of the property is blocked off by fencing.


6. Royalton Grand Lido Negril
Grand Lido is an oceanfront boutique hotel, which is apart of the Royalton Negril property in Negril bringing guests a one of a kind all-inclusive experience. The blue ocean and rocky shores of Negril is visible from every vantage point of the resort while adults enjoy sunbathing in a private and exclusive environment. Grand Lido offers a high-end and sophisticated naturist atmosphere for couples and singles alike who desire a more liberating vacation experience.

7. Sunset Beach Resort
Located in Montego Bay Jamaica, just minutes away from the Airport, Sunset Beach Resort offers three beach options. One for families, one for topless and one Au Naturel Beach. The adults only section is far away to the other end of the beach and "No Cameras" And " Adults Only" signs are about 50 yards before you get to the area, just so families don't accidentally stumble into naked sunbathers.


8. Catch A Falling Star
Firefly Cottages is one of the original spots on the world famous seven-mile beach in Negril Jamaica. Seven Mile beach is popular for its gigantic all-inclusive resorts such as The Riu, Couples, Sandals, and Beaches etc. Firefly is a refreshing escape from the typical noisy and massive all-inclusive. What's even better, they offer facilities for you to get naked if and when you feel like it.

9. Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa 
The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa lives up to its name, it’s a massive, 5-Star, all-inclusive resort with numerous restaurants, multiple pools bars and even shopping areas. Though its is a family friendly, it does have adult only sections as well. The resort has 516 rooms and includes a wide variety of amenities and activities like water sports and tennis.

10. Couples San Souci
The resort’s larger beach is a nude beach and features a pool that goes all the way up to the oceanfront. Guest’s are warned that this beach is not clothing optional but strictly a nude beach, which means guest have to be completly naked.


So if you are considering tropical holiday, and you like the option of being naked while on vacation, Jamaica is a great place to look. Not only so they have more clothing optional resorts than any other island in the Caribbean, but the beaches in Jamaica are also some of the best in the world. Contact your clothing optional travel specialist to help you find the next exciting destination to get naked.