5 best ganja farm tours in Jamaica

5 best ganja farm tours in Jamaica

It is widely known that Jamaica is the premier destination for exploring the highest grades of ganja.

Ganja's recreational exploits are often discussed, however in Jamaica, there is a growing community of naturalists who promote the therapeutic benefits of its chemical compound, cannabis, used to manage the symptoms of life-threatening diseases.

But before we get into ganja exploration, let's be clear about possession. 

You will not be jailed for carrying up to two ounces of ganja in Jamaica, however, the police will issue a small fine to unlicensed users.

5 best ganja farm tours in Jamaica

So, you want to explore ganja in Jamaica legally? Here are five licensed, ganja farm tours to try.

Wabba Weed Adventure, Negril

Suitably located in Jamaica's capital of casual, Wabba Weed Adventure takes visitors and locals on a tour of an outdoor farm and greenhouse where marijuana is cultivated.

The farm is located a few meters from the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, at the entrance of the property. 

Visitors are invited to view, sample, and offer feedback on the different strains of ganja cultivated here while enjoying the pleasant fragrance of the crop. 

JACANA Farm, Saint Ann

This 100-acre property located in the garden parish cultivates ganja for local distribution and international export. It is the largest ganja farm in the parish that also manufactures products for ganja consumers. 

A tour of the JACANA property includes a showing of the lab and nursery as well as the production facility where the vapes, hash, pre-rolls, and other ganja products are developed. 

Orange Hill Ganja Crawl, Westmoreland

Orange Hill district in Jamaica is known as a weed cultivation hotspot. The Toke and Tour team will take you to this hillside destination for a live demonstration of seed-to-spliff using organic materials. 

Visitors will also be introduced to various cultivation techniques implemented on a few ganja farms in the area. 

The tour costs $10 per guest which is said to be donated to the families of local ganja farmers. 

Kaya Herb House, Drax Hall & Falmouth

Kaya Herb House is the first licensed dispensary in Jamaica. In addition to the dispensary, this facility includes a farm, cafe, and spa offering guests a multiplicity of ganja experiences.

As it is a medicinal marijuana facility, each guest will have to supply a doctor's recommendation and a valid photo ID to purchase ganja at this facility.

You'll be introduced to various strains of ganja cultivated on Kaya farms, as well as different cultivation techniques. 

Kaya Herb House currently has two locations - one in Drax Hall in Saint Ann and the other in Falmouth, Trelawny.

Ohja Farm Tour, Kingston

Meet the faces behind this prestigious cannabis brand during a tour of the farm and lab facility on the property. 

It will also double as an informative lesson about the properties of ganja and its therapeutic benefits. 

The tour is set at $80 per person and is scheduled between 10.30 am - 12.30 pm and 2 pm and 4 pm.

Best ganja farm tours in Jamaica

The next time you visit Jamaica, make a trip to one of the best ganja farms and labs for a fantastic experience.