5 free things for couples to do in Jamaica

5 free things for couples to do in Jamaica

You're possibly at the tail end of your honeymoon or baecation in Jamaica and searching for things to do with your partner.

You know Jamaica is a couple's paradise in itself, so you won't have to search too far for romantic activities to do in the few hours you have remaining on the island. Yes, you can keep making sweetheart memories with your partner. 

Best of all, when you find free, romantic things to do in Jamaica you can fill the remaining days and nights of your trip with activities without maxing out your credit card. 

So, let's browse the free things for couples to do while vacationing in Jamaica. 

A romantic walk on the beach
Let’s face it, the main reason you headed to a tropical island is most likely for the beach.

Why not appreciate a few of the best things in life that are free, starting with an idyllic stroll along the beach?

Walk the length of your hotel’s beach and simply listen to the water lapping the shore.

You and your partner can make a game out of spotting sea life as the sun shines overhead in the clear blue skies glinting off of the crystal clear water.

The Negril coastline is world famous for its seven-mile white sand beach.

Musicians break out into impromptu performances as the sunsets and lights the sky on fire.

Most couples find a spot as the sky darkens and cuddle on the sand and gaze at the starry skies.

A stroll through a craft market

Head out to one of the craft markets that are a landmark in almost every tourist destination across the island.

Montego Bay boasts a large market, as well as two smaller ones, and the market in Ocho Rios is nestled in between hotels on the main street.

Negril has a vibrant market where many local artisans create a show as they carve fantastic works of art from native strains of wood.

If you can’t afford it, you can still appreciate the artistry. 

Taking the plunge at Ricks Café

Dive, leap, jump or just watch the professionals flip acrobatically through the air at one of the most famous spots in Negril.

Entry to Rick’s Café is absolutely free and so is the opportunity for couples to leap from various heights into the cerulean blue clear waters below.

Take in a live music show and just hang out.

You may want to spend a little money so you can sip an ice-cold Red Stripe while you take in the famously stunning sunset.

Doing yoga on the beach
Are you and your partner yoga enthusiasts?

Be on the lookout for the occasional free yoga class offered at some properties.

Usually available only to hotel guests, a few properties will open their doors from time to time to invite visitors to join a free yoga class in one of the many picturesque spots across the island up in the hills or on a beach.

Wander a historical site
Head to Devon House in Kingston and wander the grounds with a delicious Devon House I-Scream single cone (the ice cream isn’t free but you shouldn’t miss it.)

Or head out to the site of the former “wickedest city in the world”, Port Royal, former home of pirates and Buccaneers before an earthquake sunk it into the ocean.

The fort is there and the small town still exists.

You won't realize where the time has gone after fully immersing in these free, romantic things to do with your partner while vacationing in Jamaica.