72 hours in Montego Bay

72 hours in Montego Bay


It’s amazing how just 72 hours in Montego Bay can give you a taste of what Jamaica has to offer as the ideal destination for all kinds of travellers. Filled with historic attractions, interesting activities and fun things to do, Montego Bay is the perfect choice for anyone thinking of a weekend getaway in the Caribbean.

Fly into this growing city on the north coast of Jamaica for a holiday packed with fun and activities all day (and night) long, or one where you simply laze around for three days on the beach. Either way, it will be a weekend you won’t soon forget.

Stay in the heart of Montego Bay on the Hip Strip and spend your weekend popping in and out of shops, restaurants and cool spots that heat up once the sun goes down. Maybe play the night away in the casino or spend your days drinking colourful tropical drinks and jumping on a large trampoline out at sea at Margaritaville. However, save at least one afternoon to lie in the sun on the white sands of the famous Doctor’s Cave Beach. The waters here are said to be healing, and this is a theory you should definitely put to the test!

Should you choose to stay at one of the larger resorts that dot the main highway leading into the city, you’ll have access to beautiful Jamaican beaches and an array of activities to keep you busy from sun up to well, sun up! Great shopping isn’t too far away either, from the Shoppes at Rose Hall to unique boutiques and the smaller craft market, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone on your list, even if the only one on that list is you!

If you’re the curious kind, head over to the historic great house of Rose Hall with its mesmerizing tale of passion in colonial days about the mythical White Witch of Rose Hall, who is said to still roam the grounds at night. Or tap into your adventurous side and take advantage of the many tours and attractions available close by, from zip lining through the trees to discovering your wild side as you tour the coastal roads astride a roaring Harley Davidson. If that’s not your style, maybe an epic party on a catamaran way out on clear Caribbean Sea is just the ticket.

This is a city where people live work and play, so you’ll definitely have a chance to chat with locals, whether you’re adventurous enough to walk the cobbled streets in the old part of the city or haggle like a pro in the large craft market; a riot of colour and sound as every vendor tries to get your attention.

After a full three days in Montego Bay, you’ll settle back into your seat as your plane takes off, leaving this bustling tropical city behind but taking every colourful moment back with you as a memory that will last a lifetime.