A Tour of Port Antonio

A Tour of Port Antonio

Although a seemingly small sleepy town, a tour of Port Antonio and its environs will reveal a playground of the rich and famous over the ages, with the local Marina named after one of its long-time residents, swashbuckling movie star, Errol Flynn. Celebrities still sneak away here for luxurious stellar service at places like Geejam and the Trident hotel or one of the many villas that dot the shores or sit in the hills, to embrace this unpretentious, quiet slice of paradise.


Blue Lagoon

The stuff of myth and legend and once said to be bottomless, this is a proving ground for freedivers looking to test themselves and those who simply want to drift through the waters of an impossible blue in alternating bands of warm sea water that swirls into the lagoon to mix with the cold water pumping from a nearby fresh water river teeming with fish. Pictured in the famous film Cocktails, starring Tom Cruise, the property is earmarked to once more be developed into a major tourist attraction.

Get Here: Driving east, pass through the town of Port Antonio and head to Drapers and San San Beach. Pass the beautiful villas that sit on the edge of the water and you’ll happen upon the entrance.


Frenchman’s Cove

This unique beach, voted one of the world’s best is attached to a hotel property but is open for public access for US$10. You’ll see it’s worth it before you even hit the beach, as you walk through the lush vegetation of the beautiful property and cross a stunning river that you follow down to the sea. Step out onto a white sand beach where waves crash on to the shore in front of you or calmly lap the shore depending on the day you go. To the right the river makes its way to the cove, creating its own crystal clear unique swimming hole with a tiny beach of its own and rope swings for your enjoyment to leap into the freezing cold water. Refreshments are on sale with fully catered beach service, bringing your order and drinks to you as you lounge in the available beach chairs.


Rafting Down the Rio Grande

Originally used to ferry banana crops from plantations to market, rafting down the Rio Grande became a fun way to spend the day thanks to swashbuckling star of the silver screen Errol Flynn. The 2.5 hour trip begins near the top of the river on a homemade bamboo raft and is guided by your captain through some of the most picturesque scenery until reaching the mouth of the river, right on the coastline with the Caribbean Sea.

Local tip: Organize lunch to be prepared for you to enjoy midway or pack a cooler – this is a day out experience for the whole family!

Tel: (876) 913-5434



Ramtulla’s Supermarket is a supermarket but looks and acts more like an old-fashioned general store, selling everything from motorcycles to board games. Open year round, it also closes late.

Folly Road, Port Antonio

Tel: (876) 715-5133


Goblin Hill

Perched on top of a bluff with sweeping views of San San Bay and :Monkey Island (Pellew Island), this classic hotel in Port Antonio is spread over 11 acres and features staffed one and two bedroom cottages, tennis courts, a pool and in house bar/restaurant.

Tel: (876) 993-7443