Duty-Free Shopping in Jamaica

Duty-Free Shopping in Jamaica

Duty-Free shopping in Jamaica is a big attraction to the visitors to the island. Jamaica has distinguished itself in the Caribbean as the premier place to shop for duty free jewellery whether precious gems, watches or intricate pieces. With such a large number of visitors arriving each year, jewellers in Jamaica have been able to keep large stock of a wider inventory of items allowing for a richer shopping experience which provides much more unique pieces.

In our duty-free shops you’ll find that rare Rolex, that difficult to source gem of that particular colour and clarity, that carefully crafted leather piece, all along with fine crystal, perfumes and top-shelf liquors. Duty-free shopping in Jamaica offers these rare and luxury items sometimes as much as 60% below retail prices in the USA and Europe. Couple all that with the warmth and expertise of your favourite Jamaican retailer, it’s no wonder that many duty-free shoppers come back for more and more.

With such a wide variety of stores and inventory to choose from, you know you’re experience will be top notch. Consider stores in Ocho Rios where jewellers pour the finest cognac for you to sip and swirl while unveiling their most prized treasures from beneath black velvet layers. You’ll be shown diamonds cut by expert names such as the Tolkowskys who have been revered in the field since the 1800s. Perhaps your eye will be caught by the sparkling Gabrielle Diamond cut so impeccably that you’ve never seen this craftsmanship on such intimate display before. Maybe you’ll stumble upon the Hearts on Fire diamonds — a line cut so that eight hearts are visible in the stone which can be found right here in Jamaica.

Are you searching for that perfect engagement ring? Perhaps you’ll want to hold off on the purchase until you get to Jamaica where a ring costing $9500 back home can cost as low as $5000 here in Jamaica. The difference can even cover the cost of your luxury honeymoon here. White and black diamonds, canary yellow diamonds, the pink and blue batu sari diamonds made famous by John Hardy’s Balinese collection all available here guaranteed to put that sparkle in her eyes.

Are you a watch collector? Movado timepieces are available in Jamaica for half the price that you’ll find them for in the US. The famous Philip Stein, credited not only with keeping good time, but also with shielding you from the electronic static of computers and cell phones, is available here duty-free. You’ll recall Madonna gifted this timepiece to Oprah who went on to list it on her “favourite things” list.

Where will you find the best gems? The popular tourist destinations in Jamaica all have dedicated luxury shopping outfitted with cafes and souvenir shops and some with pubs rivaling our once mainland home, Britain. The Half Moon Shopping Village in Montego Bay is perhaps the most upscale of the lot, offering a lush expanse of fine boutiques set in grand architecture complete with brick galleys and domed towers and plush landscaping all set against the backdrop of the deep blues in the Caribbean Sea.

Head closer into Montego Bay where you’ll find the Blue Diamond Shopping Centre which hosts a movie theatre, supermarket and fine cigar and liquor stores.

Wander purposefully into Soni’s Plaza in Ocho Rios or the Tajmahal Shopping center to satisfy your hunger for splendour. The intricate beauty of the Tajmahal will add pizazz to your shopping adventure which has been built in the likelihood of the famous structure for which it is named. The popular Hard Rock Cafe fronts the ground level of this plaza offering stores such as Bijoux Jewellers, Colors Jewellers, House of Diamonds, Jewels & Time, The Royal Shop, Tajmahal’s and Tropicana.

For a more fun, outdoorsy vibe filled with scents of Caribbean cuisine and sounds of live reggae music filling the air, check out Island Village. This open air shopping center also backs out to the beach and is adjacent to the cruise dock making it a bubbly little village when cruises are in. Here you can take a dip in the beach after gliding through souvenir delights dedicated to Bob Marley and the wider Jamaican culture and grab a bite to eat at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.

If you’re in Negril then the spot to be is the Times Square Shopping Mall on Norman Manley Boulevard. It’s another upscale gathering of fine stores dedicated to liquors, cigars, fine leather and linen pieces along with the jewellery items you hunt. An ample selection of fine cafes and pubs here also offer up tasty Jamaican and International cuisine.

If your travels take you into Kingston, the capital city, then your options are far and wide. We recommend Bijoux on Dominica Drive or the Swiss Stores Downtown. The Shops at Devon House offers up artisan pieces and Jamaica souvenirs set in the backdrop of the Devon House Ice Cream Parlour which lists amongst the best ice-cream shops in the world. The gourmet patties and chocolatier help to sweeten the deal at this picturesque garden location rich in history and intrigue.