Every Day is an Adventure with Chukka Caribbean Tours

Every Day is an Adventure with Chukka Caribbean Tours

Guided by a spirit of exploration and adventure, Chukka Tours (previously known as Chukka Caribbean Adventures) is driven to define, design, develop and deliver tour experiences of the highest quality.

Chukka is rooted in an entrepreneurial spirit, supported by strong family values, employee and partner loyalty, and the best-trained staff in the Caribbean.

The Chukka business began in 1983 when an idea for a tour was born after visitors were allowed to exercise the polo ponies from Chukka Cove Farm in the warm Caribbean Sea. The combination of the scenic ride along a spectacular coast and a thrilling swim on horseback proved to be a launching pad for the company.

Today, Chukka operates over 60 tours in Jamaica, Belize, and Turks & Caicos. They recently opened a multi-million dollar expansion at Good Hope Estate in Falmouth that offers an unparalleled variety of experiences in one location.

The guides and team at Chukka across the Caribbean will tell you one of the most common questions they are asked is “What is Chukka?” Or, “What does Chukka mean?” Visitors from around the world and locals alike wondered. The team tried to explain the history of the company, the tie to polo, the fact that a chukka was a period of time in a polo match when the players were on the field but it was all too complicated. What did that have to do with a fun-loving company that offered amazing experiences in some of the most beautiful locations in the world?

Simple - Chukka is about playtime! It’s about fun, laughter and a passion for life. Every single member of the Chukka team in Jamaica, Turks & Caicos and Belize contributes to helping their guests play; they get to wow them at every turn with all that the Caribbean has to offer. From the spine tingling rush of a zipline to a journey back in time at a great house, a ride through mystical caves to a river tube ride down famous rivers; Chukka is about playing - being a child again, seeing things with new eyes and leaving with smiles.

Green Globe Certified, Chukka excels at showcasing the natural side of the Caribbean through unique and sensational experiences. Whether our customers are motivated by thrills & adventures set in unspoiled natural beauty; local culture & history; rest & rejuvenation; or the need to come together as a team, Chukka is the only tour operator in the Caribbean capable of delivering exceptional experiences consistently, safely and reliably.

So come on out!

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