Have An Affair in Jamaica … a VIP Corporate Affair!  

Have An Affair in Jamaica … a VIP Corporate Affair!  

What’s better than working in Jamaica? Partying in Jamaica!

Corporate retreats, team building getaways and even conferences to showcase the best of any field over a series of days, have become the norm for companies and industries of various sizes over the years. These days, the reward factor is taken into consideration and many of these affairs and events now take place at vacation spots all over the world, from Las Vegas to, of course, Jamaica! 

Jamaica offers two large state-of-the-art and fully equipped conference centres in the major cities on the island, as well as conference and meeting facilities at most of the larger hotels with a range of fun group activities and opportunities for team building exercises. For these reasons and a host of others, Jamaica is an ideal choice for an organized work affair or event.

For some it’s an annual event where representatives of a particular industry come from all over; from insurance to all facets of the romance and wedding business -  they meet up to learn the latest offerings, exchange ideas and network. For others it’s about improving their working relationship as a team and to get to know each other a bit better outside of an office environment, while for a few lucky ones it’s the annual trip where prize winners, such as the best regional sales people, simply get the reward of an all-inclusive beach vacation in paradise.

Want a cool travel tip on how to make it an affair to remember? If you’re the one organizing a notable conference in Jamaica or a fun corporate retreat, you can start it all off with a bang by booking everyone into the Club Mobay or Club Kingston lounges when you fly into either Montego Bay or Kingston. You can include VIP treatment for everyone attending from when they land in Jamaica until they bid each other farewell. You can even reserve a private lounge at Club Mobay or get some last minute work done and check in with the office at the top notch business facilities in Club Kingston. Drinks are included, as well as a wide range of delicious snacks to set the mood. They offer a Fast Track Service where all of your attendees will be greeted on arrival and whisked through Customs and Immigration to the lounge. Talk with their representatives at or give them a call at 1 954 837 6290 to hear about other great options they can offer to groups.

Of course the best part of all is when any work trip becomes that great memorable travel story to share with your colleagues for years and provides inspiration to come back to Jamaica again and again!
To get you started on planning your next convention or work trip check out this article on about available conference spaces in Jamaica and then explore the website for some more great travel tips and information on places to stay and attractions all across the island.  Read More >>>

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