Inter Jamaica Flights with inter Caribbean Airways

Inter Jamaica Flights with inter Caribbean Airways

Inter Jamaica flights with interCaribbean Airways means that visitors to the island can get around more quickly to see parts of the island on their ‘must do’ list. This is a great option for those who don’t want to limit their vacation in Jamaica to just one area of the island.

It was March 2014 when interCaribbean Airways first announced the exciting new development that the airline was set to offer flights between Kingston and Montego Bay. Today, these flights are non-stop with 16 planes travelling between the two destinations each week. Although travel is provided between the two favored destinations of Kingston and Montego Bay, passengers also have the option to fly to other coveted regions throughout the islands, including San Juan and Providenciales.

The interconnecting flights also means that visitors to the island can easily find their most convenient route directly to the island and then continue on to their final chosen city more easily than being limited to only choosing the final destination offered to them by the only international flights available to them from their starting point. Often times the idea of then having to face a longer journey by car limits a tourist’s options when visiting Jamaica.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, interCaribbean Airways has opened the doors of unmatched convenience for tourists around the world. Travelers from Europe are especially accommodated by this arrangement, as they can be connected to their Kingston and Montego Bay destinations with far less complications. Furthermore, the flights within Jamaica provide a boost to the local economy by putting money back into the community and appealing to an increasing number of prospective tourists looking to have a care-free trip on the island.