Island Inspired Takeaways Issue 4

Island Inspired Takeaways Issue 4

Take a piece of Jamaica home with you when you purchase one of these unique island inspired gifts.

Peace-is of Bianca

Peace-is of Bianca is a lifestyle brand that seeks to leverage their range of products to achieve a positive social, cultural and environmental impact by approaching the design and production of the brand’s jewellery, from a holistic point. As subtly suggested by the brand name- ‘Peace-is’, also a play on the word ‘Pieces’- each work of He(ART) is imbued with passion and tells a story through the names and inspiration behind the symbolic collections created. Peace-Is of Bianca is where abstract meets organic, giving birth to a fusion of copper, silver, gold, intertwined with semi-precious metals and stones, and a variety of raw materials. 

For more information contact: Bianca Bartley (876) 438 9554, 

Fb page: Peace-is of Bianca, Instagram: @peaceisofbianca 

Serious Things A Go Happen: Three Decades of Jamaican Dancehall Signs

By Maxine Walters

Serious Things A Go Happen: Three Decades of Jamaican Dancehall Signs, documents Jamaica’s musical journey into the 21st century, through the island’s vibrant, indigenous street sign culture. Jamaican dancehall emerged out of reggae in the late 1970s and brought with it a new visual style characterized by bright colours and bold, hand- drawn lettering on posters promoting parties. Serious Things A Go Happen brings together more than 100 original posters and signs from the 1990’s through today, drawn from the collection of Jamaican film and television producer Maxine Walters. 

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Annabella Boxes

Annabella Boxes were first created in the mid-seventies in Stony Hill by Annabella Ogden as a hobby, repurposing old cigar boxes into collectible trinket boxes decorated with her favourite Caribbean prints. Their popularity as gifts eventually encouraged her to turn her hobby into a business, with her boxes being collected by both locals and visitors alike.Annabella Boxes can be purchased at Harmony Hall and leading gift shops island wide. The Durrell series has been developed by her daughter, Jessica Ogden with artwork by herself, Graham Davis, H. Lisa Solon, Lisa Remeny and Susan Cianciolo and pays tribute to Annabella’s love of nature., (876) 975 4222, (876) 974 2870



JA Sandal Company

The Jamaica Sandal Company makes leather sandals for men, women and children, handcrafted by Jamaican artisans. Their sandals come in a variety of sizes and can be customized in any mix of colours and styles. Metallics and fun embellishments mean that their strappy beauties dress up shorts, casual rompers and dresses - easily transitioning any outfit from day to night. Jamaica Sandal Company delivers worldwide.


or call (876) 306 3657 for more info.

Follow them @jasandalco