Journey Through the Art Galleries of Jamaica

Journey Through the Art Galleries of Jamaica

The art of Jamaica is varied and vibrant and should not be missed. Visiting art galleries in Jamaica, from the National gallery to individual artist studios, creates an unforgettable chapter to your vacation on the island. The canvas, sculpture and other mediums expressing Jamaican culture through individual eyes walk you through the island’s spirit and also gives you a chance to walk away with a very individual souvenir.

Hi Qo Art & Framing Gallery / Kingston

The gallery is on Waterloo Road in New Kingston and in its collection are works by Jamaican artists such as Colin Garland and George Rodney. It also features bronze works by Fitz Harrack and Susan Ale The gallery is now on Waterloo Road in New Kingston and in its collection are works by Jamaican artists such as Colin Garland and George Rodney. It also features bronze works by Fitz Harrack and Susan Alexander and carvings and ceramic works by Gene Pearson.
Tel: (876) 754-9419

Frame Centre Gallery / Kingston

This gallery has been showing quality Jamaican art for the past 30 years from names like the late Milton George, Allan Zion, Everald Brown, Margaret Stanigar, Kofi Kayiga and Stanford Watson.
Tel: (876) 926-4644
Facebook: @FrameCentre

Bolivar Gallery / Kingston

Run by Hugh Dunphy since he opened it in 1965, this gallery exhibits the works of some of Jamaica’s best-known artists. Established since 1965, Bolivar Gallery and Antiques is one of the oldest art galleries in Jamaica. The gallery displays a collection of works by local and international artists, using various media. Bolivar gallery has the potential to locate pieces of interest and acquire them for clients. In addition, the value of any artwork in one's possession can be assessed by Bolivar.
Tel: (876) 926-8799

Olympia Gallery / Kingston

A space within a residential complex, this gallery occasionally displays art of Jamaican artists. The architecture of the complex is itself an attraction, and there is a well-stocked art store on the premises selling graphic art supplies and offering custom framing.
Tel: (876) 927-1608
Instagram: @olympiagalleryja

Grosvenor Gallery / Kingston

This gallery is a venue for exhibitions and other art related events. It displays paintings, drawings, sculpture and ceramics. Outside is a lush garden for respite from Kingston’s bustle.
Tel: (876) 924-6684
Facebook: @GrosvenorGalleries

The National Gallery of Jamaica  / Kingston

This gallery located in downtown Kingston's waterfront houses the largest collection of Jamaican art and much of that is on permanent view. The NGJ mounts several exhibitions a year, with two recurrent ones, the National Biennial mounted at the end of every other year and the Annual National Visual Arts Exhibition and Competition in the summertime.
Tel: (876) 922-1561
Facebook: @NationalGalleryofJamaica
National Gallery of Jamaica Blog

Amaicraft / Kingston

The gallery above this frame store is a well-kept secret, where those in the know regularly go to view and buy choice pieces from select artists. Located in Market Place, along with a range of restaurants at 30 Red Hills Road.
Tel: (876) 920-9134

Studio 174 / Kingston

*Studio 174 *is a group of young artists who run an exhibition space at 174 Harbour Street in downtown, Kingston. Go there for fresh ideas and new works. Studio 174 is a non-profit arts academy and studio in the heart of downtown Kingston teaching and producing fine art drawing, painting, film production, photography, sound and radio.
Tel: (876) 372-6098
Studio 174 Website

Revolution Gallery / Kingston

*Revolution Gallery* offers more than just art, it's a gallery collective promoting artist exchanges and other activities. 44 Lady Musgrave Road.
Tel: (876) 946-0053

Island Art & Framing / Kingston

Come to Island Art & Framing to view and purchase the unique works of Jamaican artists and craftsmen. We offer a beautiful selection of original Island art and we also carry exquisite handcrafted hardwood furniture, as well as Jamaican and imported home décor and craft items. Our other services include the framing of certificates, mirrors, posters and paintings and full service picture framing.
Tel: (876) 977-0318
Facebook: @IslandArtAndFraming

Gallery Barrington Ltd / Kingston

Barrington Watson is Jamaica’s master painter. His works are striking combinations of form and colour that radiate with energy. Whatever his subject, be it landscape or the human form, he executes his work with great skill. The recipient of several awards from many countries, he is recognized for his mastery of technique, depth of feeling and originality of vision. He is the author of Shades of Grey, a collection of autobiographical stories illustrated with his own paintings. The “Pan-Africans” portfolio, comprising forty four paintings, took him four years to complete.
Tel: (876) 978-7424
Facebook: @gallerybarrington

Decor Viii / Kingston

One of Kingston's newest Art Galleries, offering an extraordinary collection of fine art, finely crafted accent furniture, collectibles and other unique Jamaican items.
Tel: (876) 927-8111
Facebook: @decorVIII

Sanaa Studios / Kingston

Founded in 2008, and conveniently located in Kingston, Jamaica, SANAA STUDIOS was created to provide a training ground for Artists and Art Enthusiasts. They offer practical art classes given in a series of workshops by qualified, experienced instructors drawn from the diverse and amazing body of talented Artists in Jamaica.
Tel: (876) 977 4792
Facebook: @SanaaStudiosJa
Instagram: @sanaastudios

Simón Bolívar Cultural Centre / Kingston

The two-storey building, which is the former office of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, now features an exhibit space, the Símon Bolívar Exhibit Hall to commemorate the Venezuelan liberator’s stay in Jamaica in 1815, and provides a link to the architectural period that existed at the time of his stay in Kingston. The facility houses an interpretive museum, library, administrative block, an exhibit hall and a 350-seater multi-cultural centre. It builds on the Bolivarian concept of cultural enlightenment offering opportunities for young children to be exposed to the cultural and performing arts.
Tel: (876) 967-0378 -80
Facebook: Simon Bolivar Exhibit Hall

Harmony Hall / Ocho Rios

After a year of restoration, Harmony Hall was opened in 1981. The mid-19th century Methodist manse is now a popular gallery in Ocho Rios. The gallery represents dozens of Jamaica’s painters, sculptors and carvers. This is the location of the infamous Annabella boxes, created by the original owner. Each box contains a small piece of Jamaican history in the artwork on the cover. Her daughter’s unique quilts are also now a signature piece.
Tel: (876) 974-2870
Harmoby Hall Gallery Website

Wassi Art / Ocho Rios

A dedicated pottery factory, Wassi Art is located just north of downtown Ocho Rios. The factory quarries within the Great Pond district and dozens of local artisans throw the Blue Mountain clay by hand, creating beautiful pottery pieces. Visitors can tour the factory for free - an interactive tour that allows you to actually throw your own pot. The owners are happy to ship your purchases if required.
Tel: (876) 974-5044

National Gallery West / 
Montego Bay

The National Gallery of Jamaica, operates an arm at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre, with permanent and temporary exhibitions. National Gallery West is located in the domed building at the back of the Centre and offers four exhibitions per year, of which at least one focuses on the art of Western Jamaica. Guided tours are available and educational programmes, including children’s art classes, are being developed. Note: Be sure to ask about the Lester Art Gallery to see recognized works of Michael Lester.
Tel: (876) 971-3920
National Gallery West Website

Aah … Ras Natango Garden and Gallery / Montego Bay

Ahhh… Ras Natango Gallery and Garden has always had a special, unique atmosphere. In 1988, Ian Williams (Ras Natango) purchased the land that would later hold ahhh... solely for the view. After years of pursuing his art, the land was terraced and a gallery built on it. Ras is self-taught and prefers to work in acrylics. His art is now in every hotel Riu on the island, and in private collections in over 17 countries of the world.
Tel: (876) 578-2582
Aah … Ras Natango Garden and Gallery Website

Gallery of West Indian Art / Montego Bay

The gallery has collected and sold Haitian paintings, Jamaican paintings and Cuban paintings for almost 50 years. The collection is large and varied in style and theme. The gallery carries works by early Jamaican and Haitian Intuitive painters, like Albert Artwell and Prosper Pierre Louis and Haitian and Jamaican Masters, such as Seymour Etienne Bottex and Carl Abrahams.
Tel: (876) 952 4547 Gallery
Tel: (876) 871 8103 Mobile

Portland Art Gallery / Portland

This is a simple gallery and hub for visual arts in Port Antonio, Portland and the surrounding area. A collective of individual artists producing works of art for enjoyment, this small gingerbread studio is located in Port Antonio on the eastern end of the island and is staffed by Hopeton Cargill, a Port Antonio realist painter. He’s delighted to act as an ambassador for the local art scene.
Tel: (876) 882-7732

Ja-Ja Originals / Negril

For the true art collector, one-of-a-kind art works have a special place in their collections. Thanks to founder Rick Kevonian, Ja-Ja Originals is a "must see" for the art connoisseur! Ja-Ja Originals brings together some of Jamaica's leading artists at the Art Gallery on Norman Manley Blvd. at Coca La Palm. In addition to Ja-Ja Originals' daily collection, there are exhibits featuring some of the world's foremost artists of the day.
Tel: (876) 957-4326

A few other spots around Jamaica to view and purchase art:

artMart Jamaica: >> Read Article on artMart Jamaica

128 Gallerie Tel: (876) 978-7424

Alexander Cooper Gallery & Museum Tel: ( 876) 944-4711

Belcour Art Gallery – Gordon Town Tel: (876) 356-5769

Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts Tel: (876) 926-9593 Ext 2082
Twitter: @EMCJamaica
Facebook: @EdnaManleyCollege
Instagram: @ednamanleycollege

The Art of Contemporary Jamaica Tel: (876) 927-9958

Frame Centre Gallery Tel: (876) 926-4644

Jamaica Guild Of Artists Tel: (876) 754-5169

Suite Jamaica Travelling Gallery Tel: (876) 530-5744

Rest of Jamaica:
Lucea – Lloyd Hoffstead’s Gallery Tel: (876) 956-2241

Montego Bay – Elgo’s Art Gallery Tel: (876) 971-331

Montego Bay - Saba Gallery Tel: (876) 940-1011

Negril – Lloyd Hoffstead’s Gallery Tel: (876) 967-3903

Port Antonio – Gallery Carriacou – Tel: (876) 993-7267