Let the Spirit of Reggae Move You

Let the Spirit of Reggae Move You

Head for the Hills … Straight to Bob Marley’s House with Jamaica Tours Limited

The legend Bob Marley needs no introduction to the world, and for those who want to learn a little more about the man, his home, the music and the religion that moved him to preach peace and harmony to the world, Jamaica Tours Limited can take you into the heart of the story.

In the hills of St. Ann, in a community known simply as Nine Mile, you will find the original home of Robert Nesta Marley OG, known to the world as Bob from the iconic reggae group Bob Marley and The Wailers. JTL will take their guests in absolute comfort to the Rasta community in the hills to immerse you in the place where Bob grew up. The home he lived in as a child, the stone where he laid his head to think and where his fans can pay their respects at his final resting place. The guide at Nine Mile will walk you through the history as you visit his small bedroom and teach you about the Rastafarian religion and the community beliefs. Stories of Bob will continue as you vibe and sing along with local musicians performing his greatest hits or hang out at the bar with friends for a cold beer or delicious rum up in cool hills. Chat with the local residents or head to the gift shop for a cool souvenir of your day or for a token to take home for your loved ones.  After a full day of music and storytelling, JTL will take you for an authentic Jamaican experience, a sit down at a local eatery to enjoy delicious locally made jerk food. All before returning you to your hotel in absolute luxury and air conditioned comfort.

If reggae music isn’t your thing (although that’s hard to imagine!), JTL has an amazing range of choices for almost anyone wanting to explore the island of Jamaica a little bit more.  JTL will introduce you to all the wonders of the country, while transporting you in absolute comfort to experience adventure, activities on and under the Caribbean Sea, to explore nature, and have fun on shopping and sightseeing excursions, as well as to significant historical and cultural sites and for special golfing activities. The DMC will even organize an exotic location for your dream destination wedding in Jamaica.

To make sure your vacation is exactly what you’re picturing, why not have a chat with a JTL representative before you even get on the plane for your vacation in Jamaica and see what they can help you with to arrange all of your special activities on your holiday. That way you know you’ll be making the most out of every moment of your stay exploring all the best of Jamaica.

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