List Of Waterfalls In Jamaica

List Of Waterfalls In Jamaica

Jamaica is much more than beaches, resort, reggae and the food. With its diverse mountainous landscape, it has all the right ingredients for breathtaking waterfalls. Most people know about the popular ones like Mayfield and Dunns River Falls, but Jamaica has a lot more spectacular waterfalls to offer. Here is a list of the 15 most popular ones.


  1. Reggae Falls 

One of Jamaica's best kept secrets in the parish of St. Thomas. Reggae Falls is a breathtaking waterfall, cascading several feet into the Johnson River. One of the best features of the fall is a warm-water spring from a rock which is rumoured to have healing qualities.


  1. Dunns River, Ocho Rios

Dunn’s River Falls is a world-renowned waterfall in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and a major Caribbean tourist attraction that receives thousands of visitors annually. The fall is approximately 180 feet tall; the waterfall is naturally flowing water from a spring in the mountains that empty into the ocean at the foot of the falls, which serve as a private beach for visitors


  1. Reach Falls, Portland

The Reach Falls situated in the Montane Forrest in Jamaica’s John Crow Mountain Range. The water is sourced by the Drivers River and is encompassed by lush tropical forestry. Over 23 species of birds reside in the area, a variety of exotic birds and if you are lucky enough, you will catch a glimpse of a wild pig in its natural dwelling.


  1. YS Falls, St. Elizabeth

Y.S Falls, another waterfall in Jamaica, is located in St. Elizabeth. The Y.S Falls is a water-based attraction which offers visitors to enjoy the magnificence of the waterfalls, surrounded by lush greenery.


  1. Tacky Falls, St. Mary

Tacky Falls is Located in the Northeast parish of St. Mary, and one of the most untouched waterfalls in Jamaica. Getting there requires a 15-minute adventurous trek along a narrow and steep trail. Those who make the trek will be blessed with untroubled access to a 60m waterfall uncrowded and relaxed, free from all the commercial distractions.


  1. Cane River Falls, Kingston

Situated just outside of Kingston in the 9 Mile area of Bull Bay is another one of Jamaica’s most pristine Waterfall, Cane River Falls. This waterfall is mostly used by locals and offers several large, natural pools where visitors can recline and indulge in a relaxing swim surrounded by nature.


  1. Scatter Water Falls, Portland

Not as big or as impressive of the other Waterfalls on this list, Scatter Falls in Port Antonio, Portland is still a glorious sight. After the trek to the waterfall, visitors can revel in a rejuvenating swim, or head to the nearby Fox Caves for an adventurous trek through the amazing limestone stalactite formations and underground tides. 


  1. Turtle River Falls, Ocho Rios

With a total of 14 overflowing waterfalls, the Turtle River Falls is situated in a bewitching garden environment on 15 acres of land in the heart of Ocho Rios. The waterfall features a natural swimming pool accompanied by a beautiful Japanese Koi pond and numerous species of endangered and native forestry.


  1. Kwaamen Waterfalls, St. Mary

One of Jamaica's many hidden gems, Kwaamen Waterfalls (also known as Kwame) is located near Robins’ Bay, St Mary. The untouched waterfall is 32m of natural water flowing from the hills into the pool below. You certainly should give it a visit on your next trip to Jamaica.


  1. Fishdone Waterfalls, Portland

Most people probably haven't heard of this waterfall before; Fishdone Waterfalls is located on a secluded coffee farm two miles from Buff Bay, Portland. Along with the waterfall, the property also features gardens and a small museum operated by Maroon Colonel Lumsden.  A rainforest and visitors encompass the waterfall are usually spoilt by a guided cultural tour of sorts as they walk past iconic artefacts, additionally to herbs and plants used in traditional Maroon antidotes.


  1. Nanny Falls, Port Antonio

The Nanny Falls is located about 45 minutes from Port Antonio. The Nanny Falls is a clear, refreshing waterfalls that got its name from the National Heroine, Nanny of the Maroons, who led many slave rebellions. Guides are happy to take visitors on a trek through the jungle landscape to the rejuvenating waterfalls. The property includes a mini-museum.


  1. Mayfield Falls, Westmoreland 

Situated in the lush countryside of Westmoreland, Jamaica, Mayfield Falls takes you on a beautiful journey of Jamaica’s longest river walk. Enjoy dives in any one of the 44 mineral pools or 21 Jacuzzis, including the most famous and largest in Jamaica, the “Washing Machine”. Explore the natural grottos and learn about the healing properties of the surrounding plants while admiring the beauty and serenity of Jamaica’s countryside.


  1. Mahoe Falls, St. Mary

Mahoe Falls is situated in the Parish of St. Mary in the midst of the Coyaba River Gardens. The name is rumoured to be derived from the word “mahogany”, which surrounds the waterfall.

The glistening pools of the waterfall are ideal for a flexing, refreshing swim but a lot of visitors opt just to recline and enjoy the views from its various points of view.


  1. Konoko Falls, Ocho Rios

Konoko Falls is located just about 5 minutes outside of Ocho Rios in the Parish of St. Ann at the Shaw Park Estate. This waterfall is truly breathtaking. It is the perfect for climbing and surrounded by forestry. Konoko Falls give reasons of why St. Anns is called “the Garden Parish”.


  1. Bowden Hill Waterfall

Also known as the Falling Edge Falls, the Bowden Hill Waterfalls is located in Stony Hill, Jamaica. As with most of the waterfalls on this list, expect a hike surrounded by lush vegetations to get to the waterfall.