Nestlé - Powering Jamaican Lives

Nestlé - Powering Jamaican Lives

We all know that a proper start to our day is what we all need to do our best, be our best and get the most out of every moment. Nestlé takes this idea to the heart of every part of their role in Jamaica.

Ask any Jamaican, across generations what drink is most synonymous with their mornings as a child and most likely you’ll hear ‘Milo’ as the answer, many were even known to plant a spoon in the tin and chew blissfully on the chocolatey goodness even before you added milk!

No matter what, it was sure to put a smile on your face and start your day off right.

Children across Jamaica still enjoy Milo every day and many of those children get to enjoy it because of programs from Nestlé where they provide a meal for children in school. Other Nestlé products are also included in these programs, ensuring a good start for the day for kids across the island who may not have access to a full meal each day.

So, aside from chocolatey milk drinks like Nesquik and Milo, they also get juices and yummy cereals like Cookie Crisp and Trix (which everyone knows is for kids!).

But Nestle also powers up the day for many others with delicious sweet condensed milk and regular Carnation milk to go with those cereals as well as powdered formula for the little ones.

For those who need a kick start to their mornings as well, Nestle has us covered with Nescafe and Dolce Gusto coffee and of course flavored Coffeemate creamers to transport us to Italy and France in our imaginations. Now who wouldn’t want to start the morning with a little aromatic daydreaming?

Making sure Jamaicans are taken care of throughout the day the range of Maggi Soups provides a hearty, filling rich and delicious lunch and what better to complement it then a delicious Nesfruty drink?

And nothing tops off any meal than the sweet, sweet taste of dessert. Your only problem will be trying to decide between maybe a crunchy Milo chocolate cookie or the satisfying crunch of a Kit Kat bar!

Aside from powering bodies and minds throughout the day however, Nestlé Jamaica helps empower Jamaican children beyond breakfast.

From programs within the Nestlé Jamaica Health and Wellness Foundation which runs the NESTLÉ NEEDS YOUTH initiative working with young people to help guide career choices across the globe, to other Nestlé Cares projects which work to help provide kids with a better start in life, including scholarships, the growth of Jamaica’s youth is a recognized priority.

Everywhere you look across Jamaica, from children’s lunchboxes to kitchens in luxury villas Nestlé is fueling days (and daydreams) across the island.

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