Travel In Style …YOUR Exclusive Style in Jamaica with Exclusive Transport

Travel In Style …YOUR Exclusive Style in Jamaica with Exclusive Transport

What’s better than traveling? Doing it in the style you know you deserve!

We all want to be pampered and seek to make travel itself more comfortable. This is where Exclusive Transport can make your vacation start and end in the best way possible. Why wait until you get to your hotel in Jamaica to start relaxing in the utmost comfort?


When you book with Exclusive Transport, you automatically begin being pampered before you’ve even gotten into the vehicle. As a part of their packages, you will automatically get access to either Club Mobay or Club Kingston Arrivals lounges depending on which airport you arrive at on the island. This all-inclusive comfortable lounge will have you sitting in comfort while you wait for them to come and pick you up. A cold beer or Jamaican Punch will be handed to you along with a hot towel to revive and soothe you at the same time. There are even showers available if you feel you need to freshen up a little more.


Not that you’ll be waiting long. Your Exclusive Transport chauffer is probably already waiting for you as all your flight details will be checked in real time, including if your flight is delayed or landed early. Once you’ve been shown to the vehicle of your choosing, the AC will be turned on, or the windows wound down according to your preference while you select your drink and snack of choice and sit back and enjoy the views on your drive to your accommodations on the island. Gaze out the windows as you pass the tropical features of your new island home, for the next few days anyway! All set to whatever music playlist you pre-requested when you reserved everything and customized your trip online down to the last detail.


If you’re feeling a little disconnected, remember you can check in with the world with the free included WiFi and tablet that comes with any package you choose. Maybe it’s just a matter of avoiding roaming charges while you snap a ‘selfie’ (or an ‘usie’) and post it while still in the back of your luxury car on your way to your enviable holiday in paradise.  For those of you who have someone back home waiting to hear if you made it to your destination safe and sound, they’ve also provided a phone with complimentary local and long distance calls for the duration of your transport to and from your hotel. Which means you can also call ahead to the hotel and let them know you’re on your way.


Although you’ll get to your accommodations in absolute comfort and in time, don’t hesitate to let your driver know if there’s a last minute item they can help you with. Forgot to pack a toothbrush? See a view on the way that you just have to add to your photo memories of your trip to Jamaica? No Problem man! Just let them know and they’ll do their best to get you sorted.


They’ll be there waiting to also make your goodbyes to Jamaica just a little easier with a continuation of the high level of service you will remember from when you landed. If you want to change things up, remember that your trip with Exclusive Transport is completely customizable from beginning to end. They’ll say their farewells and, while you sit in the Departure lounges of Club Mobay and Club Kingston you’ll remain as relaxed as you were that morning lying on the beach.

Major credit cards other than American Express are accepted and you can also pay with PayPal if you have an account.

You can book online as well as customize your trip via (876) 581-1186 OR Email  


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