Under the Sea Attractions in Montego Bay

Under the Sea Attractions in Montego Bay

As much as the city on the north coast of Jamaica has to offer on land, another world of delight awaits when you decide to partake of under the sea attractions in Montego Bay. From sitting high and dry to exploring the depths, here are five ways to explore underwater.

Coral See Submarine
The "Coral See" boat is really a boat with an air conditioned underwater viewing compartment six feet under the surface where you can sit in comfort and explore the underwater world of the Montego Bay Marine Park; Jamaica's first marine sanctuary, aboard the semi–submarine the "Coral See". The tour leaves from Pier One at 11:00 am and 1:30 pm everyday except Wednesday. Times can vary, please make sure you reconfirm with the tour office. Pickup from your hotel is included in your package.

Tel: (876) 940-4465


This is an easy one. Whether you bring your own gear or request from your hotel, with a mask a snorkel and some fins, you can paddle around just under the surface of the water surrounded by the vibrant colours of the tropical life that teems beneath the surface. Your best bet is to check with your hotel first as they often have partnerships and deals with local businesses. Away from the hotel, try Doctor’s Cave Beach. Just get outfitted and walk out into the water. For a memorable day try Barrett Adventures where, after heading out on a boat and exploring the reef, afterwards, guests are invited to join the crew for a fresh seafood dinner and get their fill of fresh caught lobster with all the trimmings while hanging out on the beach. Note, lobster on the beach is for groups of 6 or more and they don’t take credit cards on the day of the tour.

Tel: (876) 382-6384

Sea Trek

Sea Trek literally is a stroll underwater. Offered by Chukka Tours at Doctors Cave Beach, or the Dolphin Trek version, you don’t need to know how to do anything more than breathe and walk. After you’re shown exactly how the compression chamber works, you’ll be shown the cables running from the chamber to the diving spot. There, a maximum of eight guests receive a safety training, sign a waiver, and are outfitted in their gear, mainly a helmet that sits on your head with edges that act like suction cups on your shoulders. The empty space in front traps air so it’s like walking under sea with an air bubble around your head. As part of your underwater stroll, you will come up close to Jamaica’s marine life and even simulate feeding the fish (there is no interfering with nature allowed) and you’re accompanied by trained professionals the entire time.

Tel: 1-877-424-8552 (Toll Free)/(876) 656-8026


Learning to SNUBA is easy and does not require any certification or previous experience. Even if you have never snorkeled or have only the most basic swimming skills, SNUBA is an easy way to explore under water in the crystal clear Caribbean water. It’s an activity for everyone from 8 to 80, allowing visitors to the island to swim and explore Jamaica's beautiful Marine Parks while breathing safely underwater. You’ll be equipped to go down a few feet and instead of tanks everyone has airlines attached to the surface. Even children can explore in special ultra-buoyant vests which keep them at the surface while their family goes down a little deeper.

Tel: (876) 546-2231

Dressel Divers

Dressel Divers is a company with various dive centres in many different countries. Providing all levels of PADI courses from Recreational Diver all the way to Instructor Training. They do tend to offer services recognizing all existing dive organizations (SSI – NAUI – IDA – NASDS – YMCA – ACUC – CEMAS –- PDIC, etc). A team of multi-lingual instructors make learning easier for divers from all over the world.

Tel: (321) 392-2338