WATA supports sustainable development

WATA supports sustainable development

WISYNCO Group Limited, through its brand WATA, believes in the development of the youth, economy and the environment. In 2016, the WATA Sustainability Competition was launched. Secondary schools were asked to develop a project that would positively impact the environment and wider community.


Under 3 categories, Conservation, Green energy and Sustainable Design, the competition aims to encourage students to innovate using sustainable practices that could positively impact their environment and the wider community.

Jamaican Bottle water


In 2017, Jonathan Grant High School was one of two schools awarded $750,000 for first place in the WATA Sustainability Competition for creating its ‘Eco-Smart Greenhouse’. The students and teachers of Jonathan Grant were able to ingeniously use plastic bottles to construct their greenhouse, which also included a fully integrated aquaponics system.


As a reward for the sustainability of their project, Jonathan Grant was given an additional award of $500,000 in 2018 from the WATA team.


WISYNCO, through a number of its brands, continues to promote best practices that lead to the improvement and sustainability of the environment. In addition to the WATA Sustainability Competition, the company has led several environmental initiatives such as the WISYNCO Eco Club recycling competition and Corporate Recycle Challenge.

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