What are the Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Jamaica?

What are the Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Jamaica?

Getting married in Jamaica is surprisingly easy as long as you plan ahead. You should make sure you consult with your coordinator as early as possible to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here are the steps you’ll need to take before you can legally tie the knot: The great news is that unlike other countries, you do not need to take blood tests before getting married in Jamaica.

You will need to apply for a marriage license before you arrive (apply 2-3 months ahead of time to be safe).  You can apply at the Ministry of Justice by calling 1-876-906-4923-31 or emailing at The cost of the license is approximately $60-65 US and you will need the following documents:

  • Proof of citizenship – certified copy of birth certificate

  • Parent’s written consent if you’re under the age of 18

  • If you’re divorced, you’ll need to submit an original certificate of divorce as proof

  • Widow(ers), need a certified copy of the deceased spouse’s death certificate

  • If you’re a European national, additional requirements apply – go to comfor details

  • Make arrangements with a marriage official to perform your wedding ceremony in Jamaica (go to for a list of officials).

  • They can perform the ceremony anywhere you choose and they can even provide witnesses if needed.

  • Once you have a license, you can be married just 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica

Important Note: The above requirements are meant as a guide to help give you a general idea of what you’ll need before having a destination wedding in Jamaica. This is not meant as legal advice and you should always confirm all requirements, timing and costs with the official tourism board or your local wedding coordinator.