Woodstock – Where The Vibe is High

Woodstock – Where The Vibe is High

When you hear the name Woodstock you think good vibes, good music and bohemian freedom. Woodstock in Negril, Jamaica conjures up all those same ideas and lives up to them. The main wooden dining area in the complex sits right on the beach , it’s thatched roof both shielding you from the Caribbean sun while creating the perfect frame for those Instagram worthy pictures of the famous Negril sunsets. No filter needed.

Set right on Negril’s famous white sand beach, Woodstock holds true to the original spirit of the ‘Capital of Casual’ ensuring that everyone knows you’re just all there to get along and have a good time. Play on the beach, do nothing on the beach, float in the water or stroll the shore it’s all good here.

While you’re there though, you may be distracted by the delicious meals set in front of you, with Jamaican warmth and hospitality infusing every traditional dish of the island on the menu. Rum Specials are always available and, if you’re lucky enough to be there on a Tuesday, you get to indulge in their two for one lobster night, as long as it’s in season.

It’s an all-day affair if you want it to be; start with a tasty breakfast served with morning light painting the sky, to a fun filled lunch at the height of the day with everyone out enjoying the sun, sand and sea. Head out on a glass bottom boat ride, there’ll be there waiting with a cold beer or bright tropical drink to chase the heat away. Even if it rains, it’s ‘No Problem Man!’. There’ll be music, laughter and more drinks while you wait for the skies to clear. In Negril it usually goes as quickly as it appeared. It’s also a great excuse to pull your hat down over your eyes, doze a bit and rest up for the night. On Saturdays Karaoke is in full swing and other events happen here throughout the week, including live reggae pulsing out into the night. You can even book the place yourself for a special occasion. In May, the Tmrw.tday Wellness Festival called Woodstock home with yoga classes, wellness talks and concerts all hosted at the beachfront property.

Hanging out at Woodstock, you’ll get why people flocked to Negril in the early 70s. The area calls to you to relax, kick back and take it easy. Now, at Woodstock, generations later, it’s still the vibe of the day just with all the modern amenities you could want.

Come for the food. Stay for the vibe.

For booking visit OR call  1 876-366-5771

Location: Beach Road
Negril, Jamaica

Instagram: @WoodstockNegril
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