Carla Moore

Kingston St Andrew Jamaica

Carla Moore is an Academic, Artist, Activist, Motivator, Host, Communicator, Cultural Critic and Flag Bearer. 

She blogs and vlogs at  MooreTalkJa where she uses an  incisive, irreverent and informative style of communication  to represent this generation’s Jamaica in all its complicated nuance while remaining relatable to audiences across age and geographic locations. 

She loves stray dogs, fighting for the oppressed, and her mother's cooking in no particular order. 

When not doing this she can be found lecturing at the UWI. 

Read ‘What Gwaan Goodie": A Guide To Jamaican Greetings By Carla Moore
The first thing to know about how Jamaicans greet each other is we don’t.
‘Greetings’ are quiet things for Government Ministers or people from countries with once yearly power cuts, and snow.
Here in the tropics meeting people is an exciting contact sport, the rules of which are determined by age, location, religion, gender, but mostly by degree of ‘spirit tek’. more