Jamaica Tours

Montego Bay St James Jamaica

Jamaica Tours began as an enlightened response to the increasing demands of Jamaica's burgeoning Tourism Industry.

Since our Company's inception over fifty(50) years ago, we have matured as an integral part of the Industry, continually developing our product to meet the progressively evolving needs of our customers.

From the beginning, Jamaica Tours succeeded in establishing a reputation for unparallel professionalism and innovation in the service we offer to our clients.

We are proud to say that today, Jamaica Tours has reached the distinguished position as the island's largest Ground Tour Operator and Destination and Management Company. 

Head Easy with Jamaica Tours on The Port Antonio Experience
Featuring the majestic Blue Mountains, picturesque beaches and exquisite scenery, the parish of Portland, Jamaica is a jewel of a place. Much of Portland’s coastline is lined with a variety of thrilling more!!