Natalie Murray

Kingston St Andrew Jamaica


Five Fresh Fruits To Enjoy On Your Dream Vacation in Jamaica 

You may see some of these on the buffet line at your hotel or on the stall of a roadside vendor.  Not the images you ordinarily conjure up when you think of the fruits of an island paradise.  You may be used to pineapples and bananas, but don’t shy away from some of these more unusual fruits.  The Jamaican landscape has so much diversity.  While you are here why not be adventurous and try a few. Delicious? Oh yes!  Good for you?  Absolutely!!! 

Otaheite apple – This mildly flavoured, dark red, pear-shaped fruit varies in texture from slightly crispy to juicy and a little spongy.  Bite directly into this delicately sweet fruit with a high water content which makes the otaheiti apple very refreshing in our heat.  The high levels of vitamin C, calcium, thiamine and riboflavin make this yummy anti-inflammatory pear shaped fruit even better to sample. 

Star apple - Dark purple on the outside, light purple or white on the inside the flesh of this fruit is sweet and slightly coconut-ty in flavor.   You would cut this potassium and calcium rich fruit in half and dive into the flesh with a spoon.  

Sweetsop - Not so pretty to look at but oh so sweet to eat!  This folic acid and iron rich fruit is packed full of antioxidants and boasts many health benefits.  Tear it open with your fingers and suck the custard like flesh off the many black seeds to enjoy. 

Guinep – Split the skin of this olive sized fruit in two with your front teeth to break through the firm green outer skin.  You can then enjoy the silky soft pink flesh wrapping the slippery seed.  Bet you cannot eat just one.  (Be careful the seed is a choking hazard for children.) Guineps make a great bedtime snack due to large amounts of tryptophan, the amino acid required for a good night’s sleep.  

June Plum - Ranging from green to yellow in colour this tangy plum with a very spiky seed is high in Vitamins A and C.  When green it is best eaten with salt or used to make jams or pickles.  Riper and sweeter when yellow you can bite right in and peel off the thick skin with your teeth.   

Hope you enjoy while you are here.  Email us your comments or tag us in your posts enjoying the fruits of our island.