24 Hours In Negril: How To Spend 24 Hours In Negril Jamaica

24 Hours In Negril: How To Spend 24 Hours In Negril Jamaica

From some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world to white sandy beaches lined beach bars, restaurants and super all-inclusive resorts, from the cliffs to experiences you can enjoy just walking around; there are plenty of great experiences in the in the town that can checked off your list even with limited time, if you plan your 24 hours in Negril well. The key is to spend more time enjoying and less time travelling around and wondering where to go. Here are our suggestions for an action-packed 24 hours in the Capital Of Casual.


24 Hours In Negril: Morning


Scuba Diving

Make every second count. Scuba diving in Negril is an experience not to forget, though early in the morning is not the only time you can go diving, it is best you get it out of the way as soon as possible. There are plenty great dive sites off the beach and cliffs of Negril. Tugboats, shallow planes and beautiful coral reefs and a lot more are awaiting you. You just need to slip under the warm, dark blue Caribbean water, to know what we mean.


Charela Inn Restaurant


You ought to have worked up an appetite from the diving, and it's now breakfast time! You should be spoiled for choice with options for breakfast spots but, we recommend Charela Inn restaurant. Their meals are a blend of French and Jamaican cuisine representing the nationalities of the owners. Alongside the beautiful beach setting, the prices are reasonable, and the food is amazing and prepared with fresh Jamaican products with French flair and a touch of Jamaican spices.


Blue Hole

Time for an Excursion! Located off the beaten path at a remote location about 40 minutes out of the town of Negril, this is a popular attraction that remains open until the last person leaves. The Blue Hole Mineral Spring is 100% natural spring water that is said to contain minerals with healing properties. The chilly surface of the chilly water is 25 feet below the land; visitors can either climb down a ladder or take the easy route and just dive in ;). The cavernous opening is completely enclosed with karst limestone, and the sand at the bottom is also said to be good for your skin.


24 Hours In Negril: Afternoon




You won't be short of options for places to have lunch in Negril, but we recommend Margaritaville because it provides a perfect mixture of food and entertainment. While you have your meal you can enjoy live entertainment, be entertained by the magician or even participate in some fun games if are in the mood. The venue features open-dining under thatched roof tiki-bars, giant water trampolines, volleyball, and a beautiful beachfront location, perfect for enjoying lounging and enjoying some of Negril’s Seven-Mile Beach.


Rick’s Cafe

Your trip to Negril wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Rick’s Café. Rick’s café bar and restaurant on the beautiful cliffs of Negril’s West End offers the perfect alternative to the amazing Seven-Mile Beach. You want to get here before happy hour if you want the full experience of Rick’s Café. The venue is perched atop the cliffs providing unbothered views of some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets and 40-foot cliff dives (If you are brave enough). You can have a drink at the bar and enjoy the reggae music while you anticipate the main event between 6: 30 and 7 pm


24 Hours In Negril: Evening


The Spa Retreat/ The Blue Mahoe Restaurant


It should be around dinner time by now and as you already on the Cliffs of Negril’s West End why not enjoy it some more. The Cliffs are known for its great restaurants, and The Blue Mahoe Restaurant at The Spa Retreat is no exception. Seaside dining at it's best, listening to the soothing sound of the Caribbean Sea crashing against the cliffs accompanied by cool Caribbean breezes and views of the Seven Mile Beach in the distance. Whether you are craving authentic Jamaican, Seafood or Steak dishes, the chefs at The Blue Mahoe cater to your every wish.


The Jungle Night Club


Party the rest of your night away at Jungle Nightclub. This is where everyone gathers while the rest of Negril is getting ready for bed. The nightclub features two floors, one air conditioned and one open-air, 2 DJs spinning simultaneously playing everything from Reggae and dancehall to Edm, hip hop and Top 40s. The venue also features seven bars, VIP areas and a restaurant.

When the night is over, don’t forget to grab a bite of Jamaica’s famous roadside Jerk Chicken from the vendors outside the venue.