50 reasons to visit Jamaica

50 reasons to visit Jamaica

1.  The Jamaican People.

2. Laying on and strolling along white sand beaches … and rocky beaches … and black sand beaches …

3. Jamaican dark rum.

4. A visit to the Bob Marley museum.

5. Being in the birthplace of Reggae and Dancehall music.

6.  A chance to spot Usain Bolt.

7. Trying the jerk pork and roast breadfruit at Boston Bay… in fact jerk chicken, sausage, fish...

8.  Rafting down the Rio Grande or Martha Brae on a 30ft. long bamboo raft...and then trying to steer it yourself.

9.  Jumping off the cliff at Rick's Café in Negril.

10. Taking a leap at Blue Hole Mineral Spring, Westmoreland or Blue Hole at “Irie Falls” in St. Ann.

11. Partying through Carnival season.

12. Strapping on a life vest and bonding with strangers on a Sunday as you all climb into a large fishing canoe and head out to sea from Port Royal to the impossibly beautiful little island of Lime Cay to hang with locals.

13. Touring perfectly preserved Great Houses from colonial days as a step back in time.

14. Several James Bond film locations, including the famous scene with Ursula Andress and the white bikini.

15. Half a Bombay Mango with a scoop of Devon House ice cream in the middle for dessert.

16.  Off the beaten path waterfalls - YS Falls, Mayfield Falls, Cane River Falls, Reggae Falls, Tacky Falls and so much more.

17. Banana Chips (join locals in sharing the news if you spot the elusive Chippies brand).

18. Reach Falls, internationally famous for the waterfall love scene from the movie Cocktail.

19. Haggling with a vendor at a craft market for the perfect souvenir.

20. Playing golf at one of several Championship golf courses across the island.

21. Taking the plunge in one of the many ice cold rivers of the ‘land of wood and water’.

22. Streetside ‘drum’ or ‘pan chicken’.

23. Scotch Bonnet Peppers.

24. The legend of Annie Palmer, White Witch of Rose Hall Great House.

25. Saying ‘I Do’ in paradise.

26. A visit to Trench Town Culture Yard former home of Bob Marley to learn the history of the Government yards in Jamaica.

27. Partying with locals and people from all around the Caribbean on the mound and in the stands at a cricket match at Sabina Park.

28. Standing at the top of Blue Mountain Peak at dawn.

29. Rum bars – drinking white rum while learning how to play dominoes or ludo.

30. Drinking an ice cold Red Stripe on the beach.

31. Sunday evenings up at Dub Club in Kingston, listening to music and seeing the lights of the city below.

32. Port Royal, site of former ‘wickedest city in the world’ home to pirates and Buccaneers.

33. Watching the sunset in Negril.

34. Lunching on fried escoveitch fish with bammy or festival out at Hellshire or Fort Clarence beaches.

35. Enjoying a nice cup of fresh Blue Mountain© Coffee at Gap Café in Irish Town.

36. Vibing all night at a concert with locals – Sumfest, Rebel Salute, Major Lazer & Friends, Rock Steady & Ska Music Festival.

37. Trying Jamaican fruits - Star apple, Otaheite apple, almond, blimblim, jackfruit, duppy soursop, hog apple, jimbilin, chiney guinep, kamranga, juneplum, naseberry, pomegranate (panganot),passion fruit, ortanique, a variety of mangoes, several types of pineapple, bumpy and honey banana, pear, rambutan, stinkin toe, and so much more…

38. Riding bareback on a horse in the Caribbean Sea.

39.  Trying every type of Patty - Beef, chicken, shrimp, lobster, callaloo and more, from every brand -Tastee, Juici Beef, Mother’s, Brick House, Devon House Bakery … (it could take some dedication).

40. A visit to the indigenous Rasta Village and conversing with a Mystic.

41. Drinking a freshly chopped open cold coconut water and then eating the jelly by the road.

42. Becoming a Jamaican bobsledder, sort of... by jumping on the bobsled ride at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios on a family outing.

43. Fantastic deep sea fishing and major Marlin Tournaments.

44.  Floating around in the sea at Doctor's Cave Beach and testing the mythology of its healing properties (we predict you'll feel better than before you got there).

45. Learning to surf at Jamnesia in Bull Bay near Kingston with the Rastafarian Wilmot clan, meal and, if you’re lucky, listening to live music into the night.

46.  A visit to the Maroon communities of Accompong or Maroon Town and the healing waters of Nanny Falls.

47. Finding your high at the Stepping High Festival.

48.  Stopping off for street food along the way while exploring the island.

49.  Swimming in the luminescent sea at Glistening Waters in Falmouth.

50. And last, but not least, climbing the iconic Dunn’s River Falls.