All you need to know about psychedelic retreats in the Caribbean

All you need to know about psychedelic retreats in the Caribbean

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the idea of flying to the Caribbean to get high on magic mushrooms was considered “vice tourism.”


But now it’s the opposite, with visitors being encouraged to explore.


Psychedelic retreats are becoming increasingly popular among people who want to unwind and discover their inner selves.


Also, recent studies show that these retreats can help people cope with sadness, stress, and anxiety, or can heal past psychological trauma.


This legalization of psychedelic retreats is opening doors for tourism in Jamaica, and the numbers of this growing industry are not stopping anytime soon.

What does a wellness retreat mean?

People can travel to a specific site for wellness retreats to work on things like yoga, weight loss, and drug and alcohol recovery.

Even if people suffer from mental and behavioral health, a wellness retreat can be a breakthrough. They might concentrate on couples' or individuals' healing.

In nations like Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Mexico, where many psychedelic chemicals are legal, psychedelic retreats are growing in popularity.

Even in the United States, where psychedelics have recently been decriminalized in some states, they are gaining in popularity.

Psilocybin's legal status in Jamaica

Due to the hallucinogenic properties of their major ingredient, psilocybin, psychedelic mushrooms are still illegal in many parts of the world.


Maybe surprisingly, psilocybin is publicly distributed in Jamaica.

Psychedelic retreats in Jamaica

Psychedelic retreats come in a variety of forms and focus on drugs like ayahuasca, iboga, and psilocybin (magic mushrooms). In case of an emergency, companies send qualified medical personnel and guides to the set.

Doses are chosen carefully based on visitors' intents, tastes, and past experiences.


Atman Retreat in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is a well-known option for those looking for a getaway in Jamaica.


It provides a four-day excursion with technologies to enhance visitors' psychedelic experiences and a safe and lawful location.


But, to guarantee that each guest receives the individualized attention they deserve, Atman Retreat places a limit of 12 people for each treatment.


Another option you can get is from Eric Osborne, who established the legal psychedelic retreat business MycoMeditations, situated at Treasure Beach, Jamaica, three hours from the Montego Bay airport.


This organization offers three different levels of retreats and seven-night stays for groups of 12 to 16 people.


The package includes three sessions of psilocybin-assisted therapy, a night in a five-star hotel, gourmet meals, and spa services like massage.


Magic mushroom costs, however, are not covered by the package.


Its website states that informative lectures about the past and present applications of psilocybin mushrooms are given to guests to prepare them for their first experience.


The dried, ground, blended, and encapsulated psilocybe mexicana and psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are sold in 0.5-gram increments.


The dose is given as a capsule and starts at two to five grams; the dosage gets stronger throughout the week. Lessons occur in a covered pavilion or a private yard with lots of vegetation.


Setting an intention is the first step in the week. The group shares its observations and discusses its experiences after each excursion.


Visitors may seek treatment for physical pain, grief, addiction, anxiety, or despair.


Other than this, if you want to cherish private retreats, Zion Life’s retreat in St. Thomas is your way to go.


The best part is you are surrounded by experienced nurses with more than 20 years of training, expertise, and experience.


Their experts hold space and lead guests through their psilocybin trip while providing tailored solutions to meet them where they are.


Four individualized psilocybin-assisted therapy regimens are available from Zion Life.


Guests can choose four ways to experience the power of customized, nurse-supervised psilocybin mushroom psychotherapy on their path to self-discovery and healing.


A four-day, three-night psilocybin retreat includes a single or double occupancy room; a single six to eight-hour session; an in-home visit for maximum comfort and privacy.


Visitors may also request Zion Life's exclusive group retreats, which are specially tailored.


The Zion Life Retreats also favor small, close-knit groups so that its guests can work privately on their personal development while still receiving 24-hour nurse monitoring and access to a doctor, in case of emergency.

Retreats in Iboga and the Bahamas

wellness retreats in Africa

Tabernanthe iboga, a plant native to Africa, is the source of the naturally occurring chemical molecule known as ibogaine.


It has a long history of application in traditional West and Central African societies as a medical and ceremonial substance.


It is thought to have the capacity to ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiates and provide momentary relief from cravings.


Ibogaine is typically administered in doses ranging from 5 to 100 grams. However, the exact amount depends on the ailment being treated.


Among the very first centers to treat addiction with ibogaine was Dr. Martin Polanco's Crossroads Treatment Center.

Counseling programs for treating addictions to heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine, and other substances are offered at this facility.


Patients above 60 years old, diabetic or obese, and those with excessive blood sugar levels, are not eligible for treatment at this facility due to the center's strict admissions standards.


The facility is unusual because it allows patients to participate in a five-MeO-DMT session following ibogaine therapy.


Patients who begin using ibogaine report feeling overwhelmed, and five-meO-DMT helps cope with the anxieties and challenging emotions accompanying this state.


Psychedelic retreats are growing many folds in Jamaica.


Since they are legalized there, people can enjoy their treats without any questions asked.


In this guide, we have also mentioned some of the top-notch places where you can get psychedelic retreats in Jamaica at the best available prices.