Auto Coverage: What's In It For Me?

Auto Coverage: What's In It For Me?

Looking to rent a car while on vacay in Jamaica? Or are you a local who needs a rental car for a great deal to explore your island home? Well, Island Car Rentals offers amazing rental options tailored to suit your road warrior needs. Not only do they offer ideal packages to help you hit the roads to explore Jamaica along the coast beside the blue Caribbean Sea or winding through the lush mountains of the interior, more importantly, these offers include options that assist in minimizing the cost for renters in the event of damage or loss of the rental vehicle.


Here’s a little helpful detailed info for those of you whom have maybe never rented before even if you are Jamaican and have lived on the island all your life. When asking about Jamaica rentals, one package option you can ask about is Damage to Vehicle Waiver (DVW) which is also known as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) on the international market. Renters’ wishing to make use of this option when renting Jamaican cars should note that this is waiver is optional.  

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If you have bought your own insurance cover or believe you can use your personal motor vehicle policy you can opt out of buying their DVW, which allows you to save money on the up-front costs for the rental as you would not have to include paying for coverage of the rented car.   When you do that, however, you are basically accepting liability for all damage or loss that may occur which you hope to recover under the terms of your policy.  While they will not take payment for DVW, they will, however, take a security deposit in keeping with the value of the vehicle type which may vary from US$3,500.00 and could go much higher. In case there is an incident or accident, they would charge you out of that deposit.  The renter then would have to make a claim back on whatever policy they have to get back their funds.  They also provide any substantiating documents that the client may need to prove that the claim is valid including copies of their invoice which would show the billing for loss/damage.

They go even further with their options by giving clients the chance to totally eliminate any liability.   By paying a slightly higher premium, the hirer has Nil Liability.  All that is needed is for the matter to be reported to the police as well as with Island Car Rentals if there is a loss or any damage (even a total loss).  However, this benefit would no longer hold where the rental contract terms are breached, so be warned.  If this happens, such as having an unauthorized driver, all coverage benefits are null and void and the hirer will have to stand all the costs. 

Not everyone wants to put up sizeable deposits when renting cars in Jamaica so Island Car Rentals makes available several options to purchase coverage directly. Renters can choose to limit their liability to a fixed amount.  These deductibles usually range from US$750.00 – US$1,900.00 depending on vehicle type. Whatever the limit of your deductible, that will be the extent of your security deposit so even though you are paying directly for coverage, the deposits are much more manageable than if you were to decline to purchase the DVW

Vacations are always fun and good information is key to ensure you have a worry free holiday and can hit the road without a care in the world, so ensure that you contact Island Car Rentals if renting a car in Kingston Jamaica to help make travelling around the island as easy as 1-2-3. They are located at 17 Antigua Avenue in Kingston. Their opening hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8:30am to 5:00pm. 

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There are some items that are not included in the Nil Liability such as if the vehicle is returned without mats, radios, speakers, tools and spare tyres or if there is damage to the upholstery, carpet or other fabric covering or vents.  Lost keys are also not included as well as damage to the undercarriage if it is felt that it happened as a result of negligent operation of the vehicle.


It definitely pays to consider all auto coverage options before you rent.  Our reservations team members are available to assist clients in making the best all-round decision not only to save on rental charges but to have the best protection for peace of mind.

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