Information About Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay

Information About Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay

Sangster International Airport (MBJ) is the leading tourism gateway to the island of Jamaica – one of the world’s most beautiful and desired destinations.

Once notorious for the Buccaneers and swashbuckling pirates who made the island their home over 300 years ago, Jamaica lies 550 miles south of Florida – at the very heart of the Caribbean. Today, the island is famous for the unique appeal of its scenic and rugged interior – the Blue Mountains rise to well over 7,000 feet – combined with the unmatched beauty of dazzling tropical beaches bordering the blue-green water of the Caribbean Sea. Each year, more and more visitors from around the globe are attracted by the island’s magic, its history, and its world-class facilities.

Sangster International Airport (MBJ) is ideally located on the northwest coast of the island – at the centre of the country’s main tourism region and close to a wide range of hotel and resort facilities. The airport is within an easy driving distance of the cruise ports at Montego Bay and Ocho Rios as well as the popular tourist town of Negril.

Sangster International Airport and Jamaica: an unbeatable partnership!

Contact Information

MBJ Airports Limited

Sangster International Airport

Montego Bay, St. James


Phone: (876) 952-3124

Fax: (876) 940-6591

Give Us Feedback


Ezra Whittock


Deputy Director, Immigration Western

Phone: (876) 952-5381 or (876) 952-5645



Densill Sinclair

Jamaica Customs

Director of Airport Operations

Phone: (876) 952-5307 or (876) 952-2469


Sangsters In Passenger Services

Information Desks

Departure Ticketing Concourse

Phone: (876) 952-2712 Extension: 4200

Departures Shopping Concourse

Phone: (876) 952-2712 Extension: 2833

Arrivals Public Area MBJ

Phone: (876) 952-2712 Extension: 2829

Note: Arrivals Information Desk is regarded as the main Information Desk for general airport information.

Customer Service

Stacy Hylton

Operations Manager


Phone: (876) 952-2712 Extension: 2825

Nicole Hall

Customer Service Supervisor


Phone: (876) 952-2712 Extension: 2830

Baggage Display Monitors

Located in the Baggage Claim Hall.

Customer Service Information Counters

Located in the Ticketing Concourse, Departure Lounge, Ground Transportation Hall and Arrivals Public Area. Phone: (876) 952-3124/2712.

Flight Arrival & Departure Information (FIDS)

Located throughout the airport.

Paging Services

Offered by the Jamaica Tourist Board located in the Immigration Hall: (876) 952-2462/3009 and at the Information Desks in the Departure Lounge and Arrivals Lobby: (876) 952-3124/2712.

Government Information

Health Office

Located in the Immigration Hall. Phone: (876) 952-2013.

Meteorological Office & Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority

Located on the Mezzanine Floor in the Ticketing Concourse. Phone: (876) 952-0181.

Ministry of Agriculture

Located in the Customs Hall. Phone: (876) 971-1491.

Police Station

Located in the Arrivals Public Area. Phone: (876) 952-2241.

'Red Cap' Porter Service

Red Cap Porter Services are available at all times to the travelling public at both the Departures and Arrivals for a minimum fee of US$ 1.00 per bag.

Efficient and courteous porters will assist passengers in moving their bags from:


From curbside of the terminal building to the airline check-in position;

Ground Transportation Arrivals Hall to a point at curbside appropriate for obtaining the type of transportation required by the traveller.

Things for Kids (Mom and Dads Too!)

Baby Changing Facilities

Available in all thel restrooms in the Ticketing and Departure Concourse.

Special Needs Assistance

In expanding and developing the airport, special attention has been given to ensuring the safety, comfort and dignity of passengers with disabilities. For more information on special needs assistance, please contact the individual airlines.

Accessible Washrooms

All washrooms offer wheelchair accessible stalls.

Wheelchair Assistance

Wheelchair assistance is available at the airline counters.

Baggage Carts

Free of charge for passengers. Carts are available in the Baggage Claim Hall.

Lost & Found

Located at the Security Centre in the Arrivals Public Area. Phone: (876) 971-2726.

Visitor Information Services

Provided by the Jamaica Tourist Board Desk (located in the Immigration Hall) and the Customer Service Information Counters located in the Ticketing Concourse, Departure Lounge, Ground Transportation Hall and Arrivals Public Area.


Hotel Shuttles, taxis and Intra-island Airlines are located in the Ground Transportation Arrivals Hall outside the Customs area.