Information about Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston

Information about Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston

The Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) is located on a picturesque peninsula 20 minutes from Kingston’s business center. It is bordered by the seventh-largest natural harbor in the world and is one of Jamaica’s global gateways.

The Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) is the primary airport for business travel to and from Jamaica and the movement of air cargo.

NMIA AIRPORTS LIMITED is the operator of the Norman Manley International Airport and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ) which was incorporated in 2003.

The airport is operated under a 30-year concession agreement with AAJ and is held to specific performance targets.

The only international airport on Jamaica's eastern end 

The Norman Manley International Airport plays a critical role in the economic development of Jamaica and is the premier gateway to the nation's capital, Kingston.

The airport caters to over 1.7 million passengers, with an approximate 4% average growth rate, and handles over 70 percent (17 million kgs) of the Island's airfreight.

The airport business network is comprised of over 70 companies and government agencies, with over 3,500 persons directly employed at the airport.

Tel: (876) 924-8452-6

Toll-free from Jamaica 1-888-AIRPORT

Passenger Service available at Norman Manley International Airport

Public Parking

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EZ check-in

EZ check-in is a new, self-service check-in feature offered by the Norman Manley International Airport which reduces time normally spent in airport check-in lines.

EZ check-in machines are located in the Ticketing Concourse of the Airport Terminal.

How does EZ check-in work?

You must have a machine-readable form of identification; passport, credit card, or frequent flyer number

Enter into machine

Select a few easy options on the screen

You are checked in!


Please complete the immigration form (provided by your airline or travel agency) prior to your arrival at the airport, to expedite processing in the airport.

Both arriving and departing travelers are required to complete the form.

International passengers should complete sections A, B, and C of the form. Passengers arriving from Montego Bay only should complete Section A for arrivals and Section C for customs.

Departing passengers should complete Section B only. Accelerated processing is provided for wheelchair passengers and unaccompanied minors.

Travelers are required to present the following documents to the immigration officers:

Immigration/Customs Form

Valid Passport *

Return Ticket/s (non-residents)

By way of interview, arriving passengers are required to provide the Immigration Officer with any additional information that will facilitate the landing process.

New passport requirements - US travelers

As of January 23, 2007, all travelers between the United States and Jamaica are required to have a valid passport for travel; a requirement under the new Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

The United States Department of Homeland Security requires that all U.S. citizens and foreign nationals, traveling by air or sea, must provide a valid passport to enter or re-enter the United States.

We are encouraging US nationals requiring a passport to commence the application process as soon as possible.

For further information on the passport requirements, please visit the following websites: 

U.S. Department of State 

Jamaica Tourist Board 

Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency 

(876) 754-4742/754-5092-3.

Baggage carts 

Free of charge for passengers.

Available in the Baggage Claim hall.

Lost & found

Located at the Security Post/Center in the Departures Public Area.

(876) 924-8452 Ext. 2063

Government agencies – information

Baby Care

Baby Changing Facilities available in all restrooms in the Ticketing & Departure Concourse.

Flight arrival & departure information (FIDS)

Flight Information Display monitors are located throughout the airport.

Click to view: NMIA Flight Information

Baggage Display Monitors are located in the Customs hall.

Customer service information desks

Located in the Departure Lounge, Immigration Hall, and in the Arrivals Public Area (at the front of the Terminal – landside access).

Paging services are also provided.

Toll-free: 1-888-AIRPORT (247-7678) in Jamaica

(876) 924-8546

Visitor information services

Information Desk is located in the Immigration hall.

Provided by the airport’s customer services team on behalf of the Jamaica Tourist Board.

Smoking Lounge --- Sorry. Smoking is not allowed in the Airport Terminal.

Ground Transportation

Car Rental, Taxis, and Tour Operator Services are located in the Arrivals Ground Transportation Hall, outside the Customs area.


Hot spot & Wi-Fi internet access

Available in the Departure Lobby and the Ticketing Concourse.

Currency exchange/Bureau de Change

Available in the departure lounge and public departures area

Tel: (876) 924-8139 & (876) 924-8666

Hotel/operators hospitality desks

Hospitality desks for Hotels and Tour operators are located in the new Arrivals Ground Transportation Hall (outside the Customs area) to provide ground transportation and other services to travelers.

Airport contact for use of the hotel and tour operators’ hospitality desks:-

Health Office

Located in the Immigration Hall. Tel: (876) 924-8316

Jamaica Constabulary Force - police station

Located on the Arrivals public corridor/area.

Guard Room Tel: (876) 924-8002

Office. Tel: (876) 924-8439

Postal Services

Located in the area of the external shops in the departures area Tel:(876) 924-8722