Off The Beaten Path: Folly Ruins

Off The Beaten Path: Folly Ruins

This off the beaten path adventure for history lovers, is a cool bucket list item. Folly Ruins in Portland is the stuff of legends. In fact, around four! From Captain Alfred Mitchell originally building the home for his child bride upon marrying her, and her reacting with the phrase “what a folly” upon seeing the already crumbling façade and leaving him and the island, to the reason for the ruin being that the concrete was mixed with seawater which is why it fell apart. The truth is that this historical site was a summer home he decided to build after holidaying here with his wife who was 27 when they first married. The sea water story is true however, as proven by old records! There are many photos of the family enjoying the home for many years and the ruin that is now visible may simply also be due to age, lack of care and harsh Caribbean conditions facing the sea. One of the mysteries that make Port Antonio one of the most appealing getaway destinations in Jamaica, Folly Ruins captures the romance that has drawn people to the island for years.

How to get here: There is no official tour. You can make your way to the point and look through a fence. Drive east from Port Antonio and turn onto Angel Avenue. Just pass the Folly Oval Cricket pitch, turn right and follow the road. (It is quite desolate, so don’t go alone).