Rachel McDonald-Loving Life and Loving Jamaica  

Rachel McDonald-Loving Life and Loving Jamaica   

Edu-preneur-owner Fundaciones. Located in Kingston (and Montego Bay). A few minutes into meeting Rachael McDonald her energy and zest for life are unmistakable. She exudes warmth and compassion and as she animatedly talks about her business, her enthusiasm is palatable and infectious. Operating the successful branches of her Fundaciones schools in Kingston (2009) and Montego Bay (2013) she can often be found on social media celebrating new steps and important victories for the young children entrusted to her care. We were able to catch up with her for a few minutes between classes.


In 3 words…What motivates you:

“Changing the Game” where children and education are concerned. The school I really want to build is: The one I’m building right now.


My dream project is:

Every project I work on at its particular time. I’m thankful for a career that allows me the opportunity to offer programmes, services and activities for children. I’m able to add, subtract and create accordingly and that’s the fun part.


My favorite place to unwind is:

MI casita – my home.


My favorite mode of transportation is:

Flying from classroom to classroom on my broomstick! (Laughing) Being in anything that flies. I love being in the skies.


My most treasured object is:

My cell phone (WhatsApp chats, notes, pictures= my life!) When I need to get off the grid I go to: The beach or the hills to reconnect in nature. Every day I wear: A White Shirt (literally)


I collect:

Memories (and white shirts)


My favorite city in the world is:

Barcelona, Spain


Best city to party in:

So far…..I had an amazing time in Johannesburg, South Africa for World Cup 2010.


The top destination on my list now is:

Destination!? I have several. I’m looking forward to visiting Paris and checking out St. Petersburg and Moscow; Marrakech, Morocco; Cairo, Egypt, Seville, Spain and returning to Asia.


The best meal I’ve ever had was:

At a small roadside restaurant in Jaipur, India. I literally licked my fingers and soaked up every bit of food onto the roti. Also street food in Bangkok, Thailand.If I could, I would live in……JAMAICA! I would not live anywhere else – I love living right here In Jamaica.


My Favorite way to thank someone is:

To write a thank you note. The best business advice I’ve ever received came from: Dr Seuss “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.


The last great book I read:

“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.


I get up every day at:

6-ish on weekdays, except when I’m headed to Montego Bay when it’s at least an hour earlier. I sleep in on weekends.


My favorite decade is:

The one I was born in, the 80s