Red Stripe - From Jamaica to the World

Red Stripe  - From Jamaica to the World

Red Stripe is preparing itself for a major manufacturing boost following the recent announcement that the production of Red Stripe beer for the North American market would be returning to Jamaica.

In a move that follows the acquisition of a controlling stake by Heineken in D&G in October 2015, the company is keen on re-establishing Jamaica as the global hub for the iconic Jamaican brand. In 2012 the company made a strategic move of outsourcing production to City Brewing in Pennsylvania as the company carried out an extensive reorganisation and cost cutting exercise.

With the restructuring having paid off, Red Stripe is now expected to produce an additional 2.5 million cases of beer annually at its Spanish Town Rd Headquarters bound for the North American market. The company will also be investing $5 million euro in the local production which will create an additional 300 jobs.

Along with the company’s Local Raw Material programme, which substitutes cassava starch for imported corn syrup, coupled with the repatriation of the US volumes, the brand will, more than ever, have a strong Jamaican identity.

Managing Director of Red Stripe, Ricardo Nuncio, said production of those volumes are expected to begin in September.

"It feels very good to bring Red Stripe back to its roots and resume exporting it to the US market from Jamaica," Nuncio stated. "This is one of a series of actions we have planned for Red Stripe's strategic positioning as a key global brand.

It will represent substantial investment by the company to ensure that the brewery is best positioned to deliver a competitive and consistently high quality product with reliable supply to the North American market."

The product repatriation will be supported by an aggressive growth strategy for Red Stripe to be a major global brand over the next five years by targeting unexplored channels such as the on trade and venturing into new markets.

Marc Busain, Regional President of HEINEKEN Americas, commented:
"HEINEKEN is excited about the return of the brand to its roots. We expect that the excitement and passion for Jamaica will be shared by our consumers globally. Red Stripe is an iconic brand with a rich history dating back 88 years and strong consumer recognition. It has tremendous global potential to complement our excellent portfolio of international brands.

HEINEKEN will use its proven reach, well-balanced global footprint and expertise to achieve new milestones with Red Stripe and bring it closer to our consumers around the world."

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