Sea Garden Beach Resort

Sea Garden Beach Resort

Step Into A Hidden Paradise in Montego Bay 

You’ll feel as if you’ve discovered your own secret spot in the heart of Montego Bay when you pull up to this classic hotel tucked away on the edge of the sea. Unbelievable shades of blue water stretch out to the horizon, only to be replaced by stunning golden sunsets as the warm tropical days turn to cool Caribbean nights.  

Nestled into lush tropical gardens with fruit trees and towering palms, SeaGarden Beach Resort embraces you with an immediate sense of relaxation. You can’t help but grin back as friendly smiles filled with genuine warmth greet you with the first ‘hellos’ of your stay.  

It’s no wonder that there is a high number of repeat guests here, often requesting their own special room, like the Naseberry Room, where guests have been known to pick their own tropical fruit snack each morning. Others point out a tile they handed to the artist as she built the colourful mosaics that decorate the dining room, while couples ask to have dinner in the very gazebo at the edge of the sea where they once exchanged their vows.  

The beach beckons from across the road, where you’ll find new friends to be made at the bar while the white sands and crystal clear waters invite you to snorkel, kayak or just laze the day away. It’s also the perfect spot to try Jamaican jerk chicken, but you’ll find each meal here is its own delicious culinary adventure, whether it’s a tasty chicken wrap poolside, indulging in traditional Jamaican dishes or dining on Lobster Thermidor in the elegance of The Chatham restaurant. 

This intimate timeless resort offers the best of all worlds, with all of the amenities and comforts of an all-inclusive, along with the warmth and feeling of a home away from home, where even the elegant classic furniture is crafted on site. Everywhere you turn there is something to be enjoyed; poolside games and fun create laughter throughout the day for the entire family, while the disco takes the party well into the night. A fun-filled games room brings people together and, even if you wander in alone, there’s someone waiting to share a round of darts or to teach you to play a Jamaican favourite like ludi. Try your hand at something new like tennis or even patois lessons after all, it’s all included! 

Each time you visit, a part of your own Jamaican paradise will be revealed. You’ll turn a corner and find a new secluded nook, climb the stairs to discover the elegant piano bar or stroll through the gardens and know you’re back where you belong.  

‘Welcome Home’.