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  • Silver Sands

    Jamaica-Trelawny-Duncans-Silver Sands

    This beautiful spot in the parish of Trelawny is the gathering point for families, couples and friends who are staying in one of the many houses and villas available for rent in the beach community of Silver Sands. 

  • 7 Mile Beach

    Jamaica-Westmoreland-Negril-7 Miles Beach

    One of the most famous beaches in Jamaica and the main setting for most activities in the "Capital of Casual", Negril. With many places to stay, eat, hang out and listen to live music right on the beach or right across the road. The white sand beachs...

  • Half Moon Bay

    Jamaica-Saint James-Montego Bay-Rose Hall

    The property in Green Island, Hanover, is still in its natural state with some of the most beautiful undisturbed coral reefs on the island.  Spend a day on the private property enjoying sun and fun on the beach, snorkling, great food and dr...

  • Lance's Point


    Positioned near the heart of Lances Bay, fairly close to Bull's Bay , this beach is on the West coast of Jamaica.The shape of the coast prevents the waters from getting too rough without leaving them completely flat. Lances Bay has sands that are...

  • Lucea Harbour

    Jamaica-Hanover-Lucea-Lucea Harbour

    Almost a perfect rounded bay with calm waters and a small Jamaican town sitting in the middle of it and one part of a beautiful coastal drive along the north coast of Jamaica.

  • Orange Cove

    Jamaica-Hanover-Hanover-Orange Cove

  • Sandy Bay

    Jamaica-Hanover-Sandy Bay-Sandy Bay

    Sandy Bay, Jamaica is a seaside town in western Jamaica

  • Round Hill Bluff

    Jamaica-Saint James-Montego Bay-John Pringle Drive

    Round Hill Bluff is a point within Jamaica and is west of Harris Bluff and northeast of Hopewell and Round Hill. Round Hill Bluff has an elevation of 18 meters.

  • Rio Nuevo Village

    Jamaica-Saint Mary-Rio Nuevo-Spring Valley Estate

    Like many of the attractions lining Jamaica’s shores, Rio Nuevo Village has an intriguing history behind its new development. Sitting on over 30 acres of lush beachfront and lawns, this new attraction boasts a unique and refreshing history.

  • Roots Bamboo Beach

    Jamaica-Westmoreland-Westmoreland-Norman Manley Blvd