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  • Bartley’s All in Wood

    Jamaica-Manchester-Mandeville-Hanbury Road

    Your likkle piece of the Land of Wood & Water.Contact Bartley's All In Wood via email

  • Shavuot Farms

    Jamaica-st andrew-kingston-Kingsway

    We believe in sustainable growth and as such aim to not only satisfy our customers through innovation profitably but also aim to invest within the surrounding communities in which Shavuot Farms conducts moreContact Shavaou...

  • HoneyVera


    Natural Hair & Skin CareHoneyVera Limited is committed to maintaining eco-friendly global production standards and to maintaining equitable working and supplier conditions for our team members and external partners and stakeholders.Contact HoneyVera ...

  • Bresheh

    Jamaica-St Andrew-Kingston-South Camp Road

    A social enterprise headquartered in Jamaica. Through dignified creative work, we sustainably curate timeless, bespoke products backed by exceptional experiences which improve lives and make dreams happenEmail: 

  • Pure Chocolate Limited

    Jamaica-Falmouth-West Indies--

    We have been working with it for over 20 years, and in those years we have learnt that the chocolate world is not always a fair world. Cocoa farmers are underpaid, and in some countries child-labour is still daily routine. With Pure we...

  • Barr’s Spice

    Jamaica- St. James- St. James-Maroon Town

    Barr's Spice is reintroducing Tumeric & Annatto with their benefits to YOU. It was use by generations before so if it was GOOD THEN, its BETTER NOW.Email: 

  • Baughaus Design Studio

    Jamaica-Westmoreland-Savanna La Mar-A2

    We are design-makers of Jamaican hand-made ceramics, lighting, furniture and soft goods for the home. Our main products are our porcelain home goods and bespoke lighting fixtures inspired by the Caribbean with a modern aesthetic. Our products are de...

  • Devine Treasures

    Jamaica-St James-Montego Bay-Shop EU9

    Devine Treasures features unique custom leather accessories handmade by Jamaican Artist Cheryl Thomas-Whytehead. She features quality leather purses and sandals that are hand painted for a unique product for each customer pick one of her collection ...

  • Sidcile Custom Craft

    Jamaica-st andrew-Kingston-Kiosk #23

    Designer of natural fiber accessoriesCreativity starts in the mind of God!Email:

  • A Marie Art

    Jamaica-Kingston-St Andrew-Lady Musgrave

    Alicia Thomas was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She was always very creative growing up and enjoyed drawing. She however did not pursue studies in the Arts, instead she attained Business degrees in the United States and Jamaica. It was not un...