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  • Coffee Roasters of Ja Ltd

    Jamaica-Kingston 10 -Kingston 10 -Unit 3 69 Constant Spring Rd

    Family owned and run business based in Kingston, producing the retail brand Coffee Roasters, available in supermarkets and retail outlets. 

  • U C C Ueshima Coffee Co Ltd

    Jamaica-Kingston 5 -Kingston 5 -25 Dominica Dr

    A part of the company that started as a store under the name of "Ueshima Tadao Shoten" in 1933. It became a limited partnership in 1940 and in 1951, became "Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.". The company introduced the world's first canned coffee, "UCC C...

  • Marley Coffee Ltd

    Jamaica-Kingston 6 -Kingston 6 -Suite 2 56 Hope Rd

    Pioneered by Rohan Marley, Bob Marley's son, Marley Coffee reflects the tastes of some of the best known sources of gourmet coffee such as Central and South America, Ethiopia and of course Jamaica. Available online as well as in gourmet cafes and...

  • Craighton Estate Blue Mountain Coffee

    Jamaica-St. Andrew-St. Andrew -Irish Town

    Craighton Estate Blue Mountain Coffee Tour (8am-4pm daily, US$25 adults, US$15 children 6-12 years old, local rate JMD 2,000 adults, JMD 1,000 children), owned by Japan-based Ueshima Coffee Company, offers a one-hour tour featuring a walk around...

  • Wallenford Coffee Co Ltd

    Jamaica-Kingston -Kingston -Marcus Garvey Drive,

    Wallenford® Coffee Company has historically been the largest cultivator of Jamaica Blue Mountain® and Jamaica High Mountain Coffee in the island. The company controls approximately 5,000 acres of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee land and our oper...

  • Greenwich Coffee Co.

    Jamaica-Kingston-Kingston-6 Upper Montrose Road

    Their Coffee Beans are nurtured like no other…This Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee estate is the first fully integrated single Blue Mountain coffee estate in modern-day Jamaica. We are also Jamaica’s first fully environmentally friend...

  • Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited

    Jamaica-Keith Bridge-Cumming-4250 Keith Bridge Rd, Unit 220 Cumming,

    Nestled in the southern Valley of the Blue Mountain range is the Mavis Bank Factory, home of the fully integrated processing facilities for the production of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee through all its stages from the berry to the cup. F...

  • Whitfield Hall

    Jamaica-Portland-Portland-St. Thomas Parish, The Blue Mountains,

    The most iconic place in Jamaica to stay and to start the famous hike up Blue Mountain Peak, the 200 year old house is a part of a former plantation and continues to operate as a working coffee farm as well as a hostel. With accommodations for up to ...

  • Stoneleigh Coffee Proccessors Ltd

    Jamaica-Kingston 10, -Kingston 10, -4 Dilcoosha Avenue

    Stoneleigh Estate is one of the leading retail brands producing Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica to the international market. Served in some of the top local eating establishments in Jamaica as well as being available in stores, supermarkets ...

  • High Mountain Coffee


    Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee comes in two main varieties – 100% Certified Blue Mountain Coffee, which is grown at the highest elevations as “High Mountain”, also grown on the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, but at a slightly lower eleva...