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  • York Castle High


    The York Castle High School is one of Jamaica's premier co-educational secondary school. The school has educated some of the region's most outstanding leaders and it continues to play a pivotal role in Jamaica's development.The educationa...

  • Yallahs High


    The school was that of a Junior Secondary status and was originally designed to accommodate three grades; 7-9.The school maintained this status until 1975. The physical structure was further developed and in September of 1975 its doors were opened to...

  • Wolmer’s High for Girls


    Known for being one of the oldest schools in the Caribbean having been founded on May 21, 1729. This was the day John Wolmer made his last will and testament, leaving the bulk of his estate for the foundation of a free school in the parish of his dea...

  • Wolmers’ High for Boys


    Founded on May 21, 1729, Wolmer's can claim to be the oldest school in the West Indies. This was the day JOHN WOLMER made his last Will and Testament by which he left the bulk of his estate for the foundation of a free school in the parish in whi...

  • William Knibb Memorial High


    Usain Bolt's attended William Knibb Memorial High!! This is where he trained to become world class athlete. The Jamaica Baptist UnionWilliam Knibb Memorial High SchoolIgnorance Enslaves: Knowledge LiberatesFounded in 1961Caribb RoadMartha BraeTre...

  • Westwood High


    The Westwood High School is an all-female high school located in Stewart Town, Trelawny, Jamaica. It was founded in 1882 by Baptist Minister Reverend W.M. Webb with the aim to provide unsegregated education for girls.

  • Maldon Comprehensive and Junior High Sch...


    Maldon High School, located in southern St James at Summer Hill, near Maroon Town, was officially opened on September 1, 1969, as a junior secondary high school. It operated on a single shift, beginning at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 3:30 p.m., and accom...

  • Vere Technical


    SCHOOL AIMS TO PROVIDE AN EDUCATION:that will help our students to develop their talents and realize their full potential.that will enable students to understand and appreciate the value of technicaleducation in national development.that will enable ...

  • Warren Hall High


    The Warren Hall High School was founded by Daniel Edgar Warren-Kidd Sr. On April 10, 1935 at 10 Barnett Street, St. James, and Montego Bay, Jamaica West Indies. The school was later relocated to the capital city of Kingston.At the inception, the inst...

  • Trench Town Comprehensive


    Trench Town Comprensive High School is a high school in the parish of St Andrew, Jamaica W.I.